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“Aaam Aadmi Party” now comprises of only “Khaas Aadmi” who hold Delhi at ransom to protect one minister: Goel

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today announced that all 14 district units of the party in Delhi will hold dharna to press for resignation of Law Minister Somnath Bharati for being the biggest ‘law breaker’ and to protest the anti-women, anti-development and anti-common people alliance of AAP and Congress. The dharna will be held on January 24. 
Addressing a press conference today, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, “The people of Delhi are being held at ransom by AAP ministers and workers including the Chief Minister as we witnessed during the last couple of days.  Now AAP comprises of only “Khaas Aadmi” who have no time to think about real issues and problems affecting common people.
Congress leader Ajay Maken defended AAP yesterday and Congress continues to support them. The Chief Minister is returning this favour by not lodging any cases against corrupt Congress ministers and Chief Minister of the previous Congress government.
Following are some of the key issues that will be raised by the BJP on January 24:
1.       AAP-Congress are hand in glove.  They jointly staged the political drama that held Delhi’ites at ransom during the last two days.
2.       Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal , supported by Congress held people at ransom to protect law minister Law Bharati whose list of ‘illegalities’ is growing with every passing day. He has misbehaved with women, used foul language against others, has been indicted by a court for professional misconduct. He should be removed immediately
3.       This is an anti-women government. The ministers misbehave with women. A woman journalist was pushed around and injured by AAP supporters yesterday. Women guest teachers who came to meet Kejriwal with their demands yesterday were abused and pushed around.
4.       AAP has failed to deliver any of the promises which it made be it on power, water, CNG prices,corruption, women safety. All its announcements have been on paper. There has been no respite. Where is the women commando force which was promised? Why did the Chief Minister showed no urgency to meet Police Commissioner when a Danish women was gang raped.
5.       The common people are reeling under power cuts, lack of availability of water, higher water tariff, high power tariff and higher prices.
6.       The anticorruption moves have been an eyewash. The ‘big fish’ are left untouched.  No case of corruption has been taken up against former Congress ministers and the former Congress Chief Minister against whom ample evidence has been documented by CAG, Lokayukta and Shunglu Committee.
7.       Disrespect shown by AAP towards Republic Day celebrations. Its leaders should apologise.
8.       Misbehaviour of AAP ministers, use of abusive and foul language by them against all those who raise questions about the anarchy promoted by AAP government. The Chief Minister himself is taking a lead on this.
Addressing the press conference, leader of BJP in North Delhi Municipal Corporation Smt. Meera Aggarwal and South Delhi Municipal Corporation Mayor Smt. Sarita Chaudhary said, “This government is an anti-women government. The law minister misbehaved with the women. Women were abused and misbehaved with by AAP workers at dharna. And Chief Minister held Delhi’tes at ransom to protect his law minister who is anti-women.”
“The BJP will continue to expose the AAP-Congress alliance and its betrayal of Delhi’ites. Instead of handling people’s problems, the chief minister is making mockery of the governance. The BJP will continue to take up people’s real problems and issues and will fight for them,” said Shri Goel

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