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New unholy nexus of Congress-AAP-Discoms looting Delhi consumers: Vijay Goel

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today launched its “Bijli Andolan” to protest the rise of power tariff in Delhi as well unscheduled power cuts. A large number of BJP wokers including legislators, councillors and the party office bearers gathered at  Bhajanpura  to lauhch this agitation which was led by Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel. 
The party is demanding immediate roll back of the hike in recent power tariff and uninterrupted power supply across the city.
Addressing the protesters, Shri Goel said, the people of Delhi want answers of five questions from Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal-
1.       His party had promised a reduction of 50% in power tariff for all consumers, but instead of reduction, Delhi’ites got the new year ‘gift’ of 8% rise in power tariff from this government. Why did the tariff increase istead of being slashed?
2.       Delhi government has also equity of upto 49% in DISCOMS. How can it be unaware about the proposed hike in tariff as it the government is a major shareholder and no major step can be taken without a major shareholder’s consent or knowledge?
3.       What alternative arrangements Kejriwal has made for ensuring uninterrupted power supply to Delhi in case DISCOMS do not agree to do so?
4.       Why Kejriwal has not yet announced the time frame within which the CAG audit of the DISCOMS will complete ?   Why is he not coming out with a clear timeframe on this?
5.       Why Kejriwal did not try to break the monopoly of these companies by atleast allowing both of them to operate in whole of Delhi. This would have allowed consumers to have some choice and the companies would have been compelled to bring down power tariff?
Shri Goel said as the BSES Yamuna has threatened for 10 hour long power cuts in Trans-Yamuna area, so the party decided to launch its “Bijli Andolan” from this area itself. “We will take out protest marches, hold dharna and demonstrations in every part of the city as consumers are being befooled by Congress backed AAP government.
“I heard Arvind Kejriwal on TV threatening to cancel the license of DISCOMS. It looks good on TV to give such bytes but the point is what is the alternative arrangements his government is making? If Govt. cancels the license of DISCOMS who will take over supply immediately? Can this govt. cancel the license of the DISCOMS?  Why he could not check the 8% power tariff hike well in time? Why the reduction in power tariff announced by him is not reflecting in power bills?,” said Shri Goel.
The  answer to all these and many more questions lie in the fact that Kejriwal and his government are being remote controlled by Congress with whose support he is running his government. And all of us know that Congress and private DISCOMS had an unholy nexus and they have looted Delhi for 15 years. Now Kejriwal is dancing to the tune of Congress.
His threats to DISCOMS are not real but ‘fake’. He and his colleagues are only interested in playing to the gallery. He has not taken right kinds of steps to bring the power tariff down while ensuring uninterrupted power supply.   However, the BJP will expose this new unholy nexus of “AAP-Cong-Discoms” and not allow Delhi’ites to be taken for a ride.
Those who participated in the agitation today included legislators from the area SS Chauhan, Naresh Gaur, MS Bisht, Jitendra Mahajan. Several councillors also participated including Sanjay Surjan, Anita Tayal, Deepti Joshi, Mehek Singh. The district presidents Shri Anil Gupta and Shri Ajay Mahawar also participated in the protest.    Several state level office bearers of the party including Delhi BJP general secretary Shri Jaiprakash were also present.

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