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Goel congratulated ABVP on their huge victory in DUSU elections

Rajya Sabha MP and former BJP Delhi President Shri Vijay Goel today congratulated the Delhi University students for the huge victory of ABVP in Delhi University elections. Goel has earlier been the President of DUSU.
Goel said that the youth and students who had come forward to support the AAP government in Delhi six months back are now feeling disillusioned with the Delhi government. The way AAP govt has spent money in the Delhi University elections and the way they tried to tempt the students through different freebies like reducing Metro fares, free Wi-fi, giving advertisements in newspapers about students’ loans and not paying rent for paying guests in colonies have not gone well with the youth of Delhi. The Delhi students have outrightly rejected all these allurements.  
Delhi University’s ABVP win has proven that the government that was created six months back in Delhi has lost its position and is now at number three. The influence of AAP party has significantly reduced among the youth of the country.
Shri Goel also said that the win has shown that students and workers have faith in the policies and development programmes of Shri Narendra Modi. The youth and students want to take the country ahead and this is the sole reason why they are supporting Modi and allied organizations.
Goel has congratulated the youth and wishes that the elected representatives will live upto the responsibilities they have been entrusted with and they will certainly come forward to solve the problems of the students.

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