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Chandni Chowk has become worse than Dharvi of Mumbai: Vijay Goel

Minister of State for Central Parliamentary Affairs and former Delhi BJP President Vijay Goel said that the immediate attention is required on Chandni Chowk of Old Delhi otherwise Chandni Chowk would become an area of ​​terribly illegal construction and dangerous buildings. The 350-year-old Heritage City is fast turning into a concrete slum. Goel said that metro has become the savior of Chandni Chowk. He ridiculed that the entire cabinet of the Delhi Government did not do anything except defamation and protest against LG. If they protest here in the Chandni Chowk, then at least they could know about the problems here.
Shri Goel said that his biggest concern is the destruction of a Havelis every day. In the previous survey of Delhi Government 551 havelis were marked. These havelis are now being destroyed every day and are turning into a market. Corrupt officials of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi are not able to prevent these havilis from breaking up nor they are able to stop illegal constructions.
Shri Goel said that in the last few days when he reached ‘’Kucha Patiram’’ in Sitaram Bazaar, he found that the havelis were getting broken one by one. Likewise, the havelis are also breaking in Balimaran. Shri Goel said that the biggest example of corruption in the municipal corporation is the building adjacent to the Town Hall. The building was so weak and a structure on its first floor was fell down recently. Now a big casket shaped building has been constructed on it, which looks like the black spot on the beauty of this area. The Aam Aadmi Party leaders have been placed on top of this building, so that no one has dropped down this building.
Mr. Goel said that he had complained to the municipal commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner of the area about the rest of the havelis of the Chandni Chowk but no action was being taken. Shri Goel said that work of ‘Shahjahanabad Development Board’ of Delhi Government is the development of Shahjahanabad i.e. old Delhi. But the Board has only passed the proposals in the meetings. There did not take a single action in the name of development. It would be better that the Delhi government will take a protest against LG from Chandni Chowk, so that they will know some of the problems of this area.
Shri Goel said that when the tourists from India and abroad come to Chandni Chowk, then what would they think by watching the thick electric wires trapping on the head, shelters, random and unsafe illegal construction and encroachment? The Chandni Chowk, which should have been included in the UNESCO Heritage List, has become as crappy and dirty like Mumbai's Slum Dharavi.
Shri Goel said that he will do a foot march to save the hawelis and heritage of Chandni Chowk on Thursday 5th July. He will demand from Delhi Government, Shahjahanabad development board to take prompt action to save the hawelis of Chandni Chowk, to prevent the area from illegal construction, to make the heritage city of Chandni Chowk and to develop this area. He will also demand intervention from the central government, if necessary, otherwise the legacy of old Delhi will be completely eliminated.

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