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Goel takes out Dhol Padyatra, rousing welcome tells Modi will be our next PM

Union Minister and Former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel carried out 10km long Padyatra with Dhol in Karol Bagh along with hundreds of party workers, against  corruption, conspiracy and alliance between the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress.
 Goel said the Dhol Padyatra received a rousing welcome, and the enthusiasm of Karol Bagh and the party workers about the campaign tells that the people of Delhi have made up their minds to make Shri Narendra Modi our Prime Minister again in 2019. Goel said that Kejriwal and his coterie know that they would never come back to power again and so they are trying every dirty trick possible to win the elections. Even if it means spending taxpayers’ money on false publicity or joining hands with the same Congress whose tales of corruption were repeatedly told by Kejriwal during the assembly polls. Goel said that desperate to forge an alliance, both the corrupt parties are indulging in closed-door conspiracies which he shall expose amid people of Delhi through the Dhol Andolan.
Goel also said that many residents of the unauthorized colonies have come to meet him to express their happiness over yesterday’s cabinet decision to constitute a committee to look into the process of conferring them the ownership or transfer rights. Goel congratulated the residents and expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on behalf of all the residents of unauthorized colonies for taking this big decision. Goel said his long struggle to get unauthorized colonies regularized has finally borne fruit. In the past four years, the AAP government has failed to provide any relief to the people living in unauthorized colonies; finally, it is the Modi government which intervened and came to their rescue. Goel said the residents of unauthorized colonies have now realized that the day the BJP forms its government in Centre and in Delhi, they would have their ownership rights secured.
Extending the greetings for International Women’s Day to the women of Delhi and the country, Goel said the Modi government has taken numerous steps for the rights and welfare of the half of our population. Be it- free gas connections to 6 crore women, 10 crore Mudra loans to women for financial empowerment, permanent commission for women in the armed forces, provision of death penalty for girl’s rape or triple talaq bill to ensure gender equality for Muslim women, the Modi government stands committed to the safety, respect and empowerment of women. On the other hand, unfortunately, even after being in power for past four years, the Kejriwal government is still to fulfill its poll promise on women’s safety- 15 lakh CCTV cameras, 15,000 marshals on buses, 47 fast track courts to deal with crimes against women. Goel asked, what hope shall the Delhi’s women have from the party whose ministers and MLAs are frequently found to be involved in crimes against women?

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