Vijay Goel

Kejriwal should return the bill payments of those who have already made payments- Goel

Four months to Delhi elections, Kejriwal announcing waivers in desperation- Goel;
Tanker mafias more than before, Goel to expose them;
New Delhi, 27 August 2019: MP and ex BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, raised the question of remittance to those who had honestly paid the water bills on time. 
Goel claimed that just before four months to Delhi elections, CM Arvind Kejriwal has been constantly lying to the people out of desperation. Waivers like these reflect the desperation and sad situation of Kejriwal. 
Goel said that Kejriwal was lax in last five years and did not do anything for the people of Delhi. With elections approaching, he is exploiting the innocent tax payers and misusing their money by giving waivers. Metro still hasn't given free rides to woman but Kejriwal spent crores on advertisement. The DTC still hasn't offered free bus rides to women, but Kejriwal has made so much noise about it. 
Goel said that the electricity charges in Delhi increased manifold because of fixed charges. Out of 21 lakh water metre connections 7 lakhs do not function. These connections have not been repaired because Kejriwal doesn't want to give them free 20000 litres of water. Kejriwal is toying with the sentiments of honest tax payers. This is also the harassment of those people who pay their bills on time. 
Goel said that these waivers do not matter after five years. These are perceived as vote bank politics. To begin with, these declarations are difficult to implement and even if they're implemented, it seems like Kejriwal is trying to buy the voters of Delhi. 
Goel said that the tanker mafias in Delhi have increased manifold because the members of AAP party only illegally deal with these tanker mafias. Goel said that he will expose these illegal activities.

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