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NDTV- “Anti-Nationals” Spreading Misinformation On Citizenship Act: Vijay Goel

New Delhi: Those who are spreading misinformation on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) are "anti-nationals", Rajya Sabha MP and senior BJP leader Vijay Goel said on Tuesday.

He made the remarks at a peace march from Baratooti Chowk in the Sadar Bazar area to Jama Masjid in support of the amended law. He led the march with Union Minister Nityanand Rai.

"Those who are spreading misinformation on the CAA are anti-nationals and are inciting violence on the streets in the name of a particular religion and community. Sadly, this is not restricted to Delhi but is happening pan-India," Vijay Goel said.

"Opposition parties want to incite violence in the country because people have rejected them through democratic means. The Citizenship Amendment Act has been passed by Parliament, despite this people are being misled about it, especially the Muslim community," he said.

Speaking about Sunday's attack by a masked mob at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), the BJP leader accused the opposition parties of inciting the violence and said they will be exposed after an investigation into the matter.

"Communist parties, Congress and AAP first incited violence in Jamia, then AMU and now JNU. There is strong evidence that JNUSU's Aishe Ghosh, along with unidentified masked persons, was involved in the violence at JNU. An FIR has been filed against her and 22 other people," Vijay Goel said.

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