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Goel organised ‘Bijli Adalat’ at Town Hall, Chandni Chowk


·         Goel organised ‘Bijli Adalat’ at Town Hall, Chandni Chowk
·         Such public courts should be organised all over Delhi: Goel
·         The next court will be on the issue of water – Goel
New Delhi, 4 October 2023: Former Union Minister Vijay Goel today organized 'Bijli Adalat’ (Electricity Court) for BSES consumers at Town Hall of Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency in which electricity related problems of hundreds of people were resolved. Goel's ‘Bijli Adalat’ is becoming very popular now-a-days. People are coming to 'Bijli Adalat' in large numbers with their electricity problems.
Last time he had set up ‘Bijli Adalat’ in Derawal Nagar, and this time at Town Hall Chowk itself. People's problems were resolved in collaboration with electricity department officials in an amicable manner. Top BSES officials were also present with him on this occasion.
Goel said that such public courts should be set up all over Delhi. The elected representatives of our country should maintain dialogue with the public by setting up such courts. So that people can put forward their problems without hesitation and get them resolved quickly. Efforts are being made to solve the grievances of the people pertaining to electricity by Bijli Adalat.
Goel said that most of the problems of the people are related to high electricity bills, malfunctioning of meters and the problem of frequent power cuts. Some people also alleged that they have received unusually high electricity bills due to faulty meters.
 Goel, along with NDPL officials, listened to the complaints of the public and provided relief to the complainants wherever possible.
Goel said that in future also he would set up such public courts on different problems of Delhi and would try to resolve them as much as possible. He demanded that the Delhi government should also be sensitive to the problems of the people and should provide relief to the consumers by bringing a scheme soon.
Goel said that the next court will be on the issue of water i.e. ‘paani ki adalat’ (a water court) in which the water related grievances of the public will be addressed and resolved.

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