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Pollution and dirty water will be big issues of election- Goel

–         Every person of Delhi is BJP’s CM face- Goel;
–        Pollution and dirty water will be big issues of election- Goel;
New Delhi, 6th January, 2019:
MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel welcomed the Election Commission’s declaration of conducting Delhi elections on 8th February. Goel said that under the leadership of Modi ji BJP will register a thumping victory in upcoming Delhi legislative elections.
Goel said that every Delhiite is BJP Delhi’s CM face and each of these people will hold Kejriwal government accountable. He said that Supreme Court has already remarked that “Delhi is worse than narak”. Now, Delhi will hold Kejriwal government responsible and accountable for its idleness.
Goel said that pollution and dirty water will become major poll issue in the elections. Aam Aadmi Party was sitting idle since last five years and to hide its ineptness is advertising aggressively.
Taking a jibe at Kejriwal government, Goel said that Kejriwal kept saying that Modi Ji is not letting him work since last five years, and is now asking for votes in the name of work done by his government.
Goel said that BJP’s spirits are high and that BJP will form government in Delhi. Delhiites have already rejected Aam Aadmi Party in last two election. People are happy that they will relieved of AAP in these elections, and Delhi will be developed. Goel told that BJP registered victory in 12064 booths out of 13750 booths in 17th Lok Sabha elections. On the other hand, security deposit of Aam Aadmi Party’s candidates for forfeited. Just like this, BJP registered victory in all three MCD elections and secured largest vote share as well.
Goel said that Centre and MCD already have Modi Government, now Delhi legislative will also have Modi government. Only this will lead to better coordination and development. 

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