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Goel rebuts claims of Kejriwal in 10 questions

–    Kejriwal should visit Delhi government schools with me, schools to be of my choice- Goel;
–    Goel rebuts claims of Kejriwal in 10 questions;
–    Claims of education by Kejriwal are hollow- Goel
New Delhi, 10th January, 2020:
BJP’s senior leader Vijay Goel said that claims of Delhi government on education are hollow. He challenged CM Kejriwal and asked him to answer his questions. Goel said that Kejriwal’s false advertisements are misleading people to believe that state of education has improved in Delhi. Actually, a lot of students in class 8th cannot even recite “A for Apple”. Till now, Kejriwal or his ministers have failed to answer these questions on education.
1. Any of his ministers can tag along with me to visit government schools of Mustafabad. This will unravel the truth.
2. If 76000 students failed class 9th or not?
3. If only 30% of education budget was spent in 2019-20?
4. Were 2.5lakh students were denied readmission by Delhi Government?
5. If Delhi government’s schools are actually worldclass, then why are students of EWS category taking admission in private schools?
6. If 595 positions of principals out of 900 are lying vacant in Delhi government schools?
7. If there are 17000 positions lying vacant for teachers in Delhi government schools?
8. How many schools have been opened in last five years?
9. If even today 80-80 students are forced to study in one class?
10. How many ministers and MLAs of Delhi government are sending their children to delhi government schools?
Goel said that if Kejriwal government cannot answer these questions then it means that their claims on education are false and that they are misleading the public through their advertisements. 

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