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Instead of understanding his responsibilities, Kejriwal engaging in politics over contaminated water- Goel;

–        Kejriwal sat idle for last five years, now blaming Haryana for its ineptness- Goel;
–        Instead of understanding his responsibilities, Kejriwal engaging in politics over contaminated water- Goel;
New Delhi, 13th January, 2020:
MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, said that Kejriwal Government has engaged in blame game over dirty water as well and Haryana government was absolved by a Central Pollution Control Board report. Goel said that with the Delhi Legislative Election dates approaching, Kejriwal is beating around the bush to escape wrath of public on his ineptness of last five years.
Goel said that Kejriwal had promised to clean Yamuna but instead, situation of Yamuna has gotten worse in last five years. During Chath, images of Yamuna’s poisonous water went viral. Will Kejriwal look for a scapegoat for this as well? Goel said that in addition to Delhi’s air, its water is polluted too. Most glaring evidence of Delhi’s polluted water is that sales of water purifiers increased by 10 times.
Goel said that a few months back, Consumer Ministry’s Bureau of Indian Standard report which surveyed 21 Indian cities found Delhi’s water to be most polluted. Instead of taking responsibility, Kejriwal engaged in politics over the report. Goel said that today 2 crore people of Delhi are forced to drink polluted water. Delhi’s water samples failed on 19 out of 28 samples.
Goel told that this year Praja Foundation had released a report stating that in last four years, Delhi saw 21 thousand cases of Diarrhoea and 2 lakh 80 thousand cases of typhoid. Affluent can afford water and air purifiers but what about lakhs of underprivileged? Most importantly, heavy metals were found in Delhi’s water.
Goel demanded accountability of Kejriwal government on those 14 sewage treatment plants which Kejriwal government had promised to build in last five years? He has also delayed the timeline of Okhla Sewage Treatment Plant. Yamuna meets 70-80% water needs of Delhi. If within the 22km stretch of Yamuna, 19 drains will merge in it, Yamuna will itself turn into a large drain. In 2018, a committee by NGT, Yamuna’s Wazirabad to Okhla stretch is less than 2% of yamuna’s length in Delhi but has 76% pollution of Yamuna.
Goel said that Kejriwal government slept over all important issues in last five years and is now finding a scapegoat in Haryana Government to absolve itself of its failures.  

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