Vijay Goel

Goel spends night at Choona Bhatti Jhuggi

– Goel spends night at Choona Bhatti Jhuggi;
– Survey tells 70% people in favour of BJP;
– Triangular competition in Jhuggis;
– Goel spent night meeting jhuggiwalas;
– Jhuggi residents disappointed in Kejriwal;

New Delhi, 24 January, 2020: MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel claimed that there is anger brewing up against Kejriwal government amongst jhuggi-jhopdi residents. Goel spent last night at Keerti Nagar's Choona Bhatti Jhuggi's resident Manoj Paswan (Jhuggi No B9) and met hundreds of people. Goel was accompanied with volunteers who undertook a survey and prepared a report of Jhuggis. The reports states that–i.. People fear that as soon as the elections are over, free 200 unit electricity and bus services will be stopped. ii. When told about Kejriwal's guarantee, they said that who will take Kejriwal's guarantee? Kejriwal had said that he will not take benefits of bungalow, security, cars ended up taking all these services. He sweared on his children and then entered into a coalition with Congress, how do we trust him?iii. Survey also highlighted that people believe Kejriwal did not take any developmental steps in their Jhuggis. Neither were they given pucca houses nor was their sewer problem solved. People stand in long tines to use restroom facilities because of which school children mostly get late. Ever since Rs 2 charges for restroom were discontinued, condition of washrooms has deteriorated. They are rarely cleaned. Goel told that people said that water comes at 5:30 am in the morning and that too is dirty. To get this dirty water, they have to stand in long queues of 50-60 people. Almost everyday fights breakout between people because of this. Most people are of the opinion that they were handed out sops just two months before elections for vote bank. They said this is synonymous to distributing alcohol and money before elections. School children, senior citizens, unemployed youth kept on visiting Goel till late night. Goel said that these schools children are very talented and if given a chance, they will go a long way. A lot of these students are preparing for engineering, IAS, IPS etc. Goel said that every party leader should visit jhuggis for a day or two to understand their problems better. Schools should also emphasise on jhuggi-jhopdis, villages. NSS should also undertake filed visits to jhuggi-jhopdi areas. Goel said that people are very impressed with Modi ji. They are upset that Kejriwal did not implement 'Ayushman bharat' which provides treatment upto iRs5 lakh to them, and PM AWAS yojana. Goel said that 70% people in jhuggis support BJP and 30% favour Aam Aadmi Party. They believe that last time they trusted Kejirwal and voted for him but he did not fulfill his promises. It appears as if this time it will be a three-faced challenge in Jhuggi areas.

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