Vijay Goel

Goel holds discussion on slum related problems with youngsters

-Goel spends night at slums of Mahatma Gandhi camp, Shashi Garden
-Goel holds discussion on slum related problems with youngsters
– Slum dwellers angry with Kejriwal, to vote for Modi. 

New Delhi, January 27, 2020: MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel again did night stay at Mahatma Gandhi camp, Shashi Garden in Patparganj vidhansabha area. Goel undertook a padyatra first and then did his night stay. Throughout the night, Goel interacted with slum dwellers. 
Afzal and Munna, residents of slum, told Goel that water supply is for two hours each in morning and evening. They stand in long queues to get water. They told Goel that they are receiving high electricity bills too and showed the bill to Goel. People expressed anger against Sisodia and said that he doesn't visit them. 
Goel was accompanied by Ravi Negi, BJP candidate from Patparganj vidhansabha, former mayor Bipin Bihar and hundreds of volunteers. Goel said that slum dwellers have a complaint that Kejriwal government did not do anything to address their grievances. It did not implement Ayushman Bharat through which they could have availed treatment worth Rs 5 lakh. Not was PM-AWAS yojana implemented. 
Goel said that slum dwellers feel that freebies will be discontinued after elections. Who will give Kejriwal's guarantee who sweared on his children and then formed an alliance with corrupt Congress and later engaged in corruption himself. 
Goel said that every politician should spend a day in slums to understand their problems. One the biggest problems of slum dwellers is erratic water supply and dirty water, sewer, and dug up roads. They have to stand in long queues just to use the toilet facilities. Slum dwellers told Goel that Sisodia despite being a minister and Dy CM did not do anything to improve their condition. 
Goel met large number of youth who told him how Modi ji's Skill India programme imparted them with vocational skills and that now they're looking for a job. Kejriwal had also promised to give them employment but he just employed volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party and not Aam Aadmi. 
Goel said that approximately 70% slum dwellers are satisfied with Modi ji's work and will vote for Modi only. They are angry at Congress and AAP for spreading hatred and violence in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh. 
Goel said that he will keep visiting slums and will hold small-small meetings to tell people that of BJP comes to power in Delhi, they will give them flats and free treatment worth Rs 5 lakh.

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