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Delhi riots a well-thought conspiracy behind the veil of Citizenship Amendment Act

– Secularism not responsibility of only one community;
– Youth needs to be taught our history and culture;
– Delhi riots a well-thought conspiracy behind the veil of Citizenship Amendment Act;
– Delhi police should reveal names of others like Tahir
New Delhi, 1 March, 2020: MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel claimed that a lot of Muslim families had locked their houses and left two days before the riots and questioned that if they had an idea about riots.

Goel's campaign has hit streets now and he will regularly hold meetings in parks of Delhi on riots, CAA and problems arising from Shaheen Bagh.

Goel today visited Delhi University's famous Bonta ridge and addressed people who had come for morning walk. Addressing the crowd, Goel said that behind the veil of CAA, these riots were well planned. These riots have not only lead to casualties but have also damaged India's image internationally. Cheap politics by Congress and other political parties has resulted in death of more than 40 people and injuries to hundreds of others.

Goel appealed to people that today's youth is being misled because we are not instilling values of our history and culture in our children.

Goel explained to people that CAA gives citizenship to people and does not take away anyone's citizenship. Those minorties from three Islamic countries who had come to India before December 31 2014 will be given citizenship. The Opposition has created such an environment that CAA is against Indian Muslims and have been relentlessly spreading rumours in this regard.

Goel told people that Modi ji is being able to take rigid decisions because of faith reposed on him by people. He encouraged people to make others aware about Modi's schemes and decisions.

Goel told people that they think government is different from them and believe that these things are to be done by police and government. As citizens of this country, it is our responsibility too. When people sitting at Shaheen Bagh for months realised that police is not asking them to leave, they started sitting on dharnas at other parts of city too until riots were instigated.

AAP's true face has been revealed. They first incite riots and then distribute compensation. This compensation has to be given to those who have died or injured in riots but CM Kejriwal did not forgot to advertise himself through the ordeal of others. Goel demanded that Delhi police should reveal names of others along with Tahir Hussain who incited violence. Tahir's phone records will reveal a lot of truth too.

Goel said that he will keep organising such meetings especially amongst youth and will inform them about Modi's bold decisions.

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