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Goel along with Bisht visit Ankit Sharma’s residence to express condolences, meet residents of area as well

– Goel along with Bisht visit Ankit Sharma’s residence to express condolences, meet residents of area as well;
– Goel’s appeal to people, maintain brotherhood and peace;
– Senior Congress leaders in attempt to score brownie points should not pass misleading statements- Goel;
– Goel demands investigated behind miscreants who incited violence- Goel;
– Riots in area, a well-planned conspiracy- Bisht;
New Delhi, February 27, 2020:
MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel today paid a visit to Ankit Sharma’s residence to express condolences at Khajoori Khas, E- Block. Goel met residents of the area and expressed his sympathies. He was accompanied by newly-elected MLA Mohan Singh Bisht.
Expressing sympathies Goel said that events of past few days have been tragic. Residents who had come to meet Goel said that more than 200 people of the area were injured during riots. Goel said that Ankit Sharma’s murder is a meticulously hatched conspiracy and should be duly investigated. Mediapersons present with Goel said that petrol bombs, stones and weapons have been found at the residence of AAP’s councillor Tahir Hussain. A lot of people who had come to meet Goel had stitches too.
While conversing with the residents, Goel was informed that it is Tahir Hussain who has incited violence in the area. Goel demanded immediate investigation on role of Hussain and others. He also appealed to people to maintain peace and brotherhood and to trust legal procedures.
Goel said that Central government especially Home Minister Amit Shah Ji have been holding regular meetings and are ensuring that situation is within control. Praising the newly elected MLA Mohan Singh Bisht, Goel said that he has been with people day and night and is ensuring that peace ensues in the area.
Praising police and administration, Goel said that they are continuously working to maintain peace. Grave situations like these should not be politicised and every political party should rise above scoring brownie points and let police and administration do their job. In 1984 riots, no political party engaged in cheap politics.
Bisht said that the way events have unfolded, it has become clear that this is pre-planned. Tahir is not any regular volunteer of a party but a councillor which clearly implicates AAP’s involvement in riots.

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