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Goel assesses crop damage at Narela village;

–        Goel assesses crop damage at Narela village;
–        Asks Delhi Government to compensate farmers at Rs 60000/acre.
–        Demands immediate relief to farmers;
New Delhi, March 15, 2020:
 To assess the losses to crops because of incessant rains and hailstorm, MP and former Union Minister Vijay Goel visited village areas of Laampur, Narela and Baakner. Goel saw that wheat, mustard, sunflower and vegetables are all destroyed. These crops were set to be cut in 15-29 days but rainwater clogged in farms destroying the crops altogether. 
Goel was accompanied by DM Neel Daman Khatri, farmers from several villages and sarpanch. Goel said that there are at least 50000 families in Delhi which are dependent on agriculture and sow crops on 1,25 lakh acre land. Goel assured the farmers that he will fight for them and will ensure they get due compensation.
Goel said that he has spoken to farmers, village pradhan and sarpanch throughout Delhi and has assessed that these farmers should be paid compensation of Rs 60000/acre. The Delhi Government which has been distributing freebies to people should definitely compensate the needy farmers.
Goel said that now when everyone is scared of Coronavirus, it will be difficult for farmers to gather even basics for themselves. Goel requested Delhi government to compensate farmers whose crops have been destroyed because of hailstorm and rain at the cost of Rs 60000/acre
Goel said that he will raise the issue of crop losses in Parliament and how the farmers have suffered massive losses because of rains and hailstorms. 

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