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The Hindu- Govt.’s war on pollution only on paper: BJP

The BJP on Sunday accused the Delhi Government of carrying out its war on pollution only on paper while citizens were being forced to breathe and drink “poisonous” air and water.
Led by former Union Minister and ex-Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel and MLAs Mohan Singh Bisht and Om Prakash Sharma, the party staged a protest at the ITO intersection.
“Mr. Kejriwal announced that he would clean the Yamuna by 2025. How many more years will he take to curb the pollution in Delhi? Till then the people will continue to drink dirty water,” Mr. Goel said.
Mr. Kejriwal is constantly doing drama for everything, he said. “Firstly, in the name of fight against pollution, they put up placards in the hands of volunteers by paying them and posted them at different chowks in Delhi. Is this the way to tackle the pollution?” he asked.
Mr. Goel said people will not follow a Chief Minister who is not serious about pollution. Mr. Kejriwal, he said, who used to blame stubble burning in Punjab for pollution in the city needs to answer why the situation remains the same despite no incidents of stubble burning.
As much as 80% of the pollution in Delhi, he said, is contributed by factors such as dust, industrial pollution and one crore private vehicles.
“It is because the Kejriwal Government has not bought a single bus since 2014. We can call upon the people to stand against the Government on the streets on the issues of pollution and Yamuna cleaning for the future of their children,” the BJP leader said.

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