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“War against pollution a drama of kejriwal govt. – vijay goel

1."War against pollution a drama of kejriwal govt. – vijay goel
2. Goel and other MLA's demonstrated at ITO chowk against kejriwal govt.
3. kejriwal is giving free pollution and dirty water to delhi citizens – goel
4. Goel appeal to the people to fight against kejriwal government on pollution for the future of their children

New Delhi; November 28, 2021:  Led by  former Union Minister and ex President Delhi BJP Vijay Goel and MLAs Mohan singh Bisht, Om Prakash Sharma, RWA and 'Lok Abhiyan' workers demonstrated at ITO Chowk, describing the Kejriwal government's 'war against pollution' is a drama and only on paper.

Goel said that Kejriwal announced that he will clean the Yamuna river till 2025, how many more years will he take to curb the pollution of Delhi, till then the people of Delhi will continue to drink dirty water.

Kejriwal is constantly doing drama for everything. Firstly, in the name of fight against pollution, they have put up placards in the hands of the volunteers by paying them and posted them at different chowk in Delhi, is this the way to tackle the pollution,

Similar second slogan  "Red Light on Car Off" is also a drama, everybody knows that turning on and off the car causes more pollution. Lastly, he has given full-page advertisements of crore of rupees and appeal to the people do not take out car once a week.

Goel said people will not follow a chief minister who is none serious about pollution.

Goel said that Kejriwal in Delhi blames the stubble burning in Punjab. Now even the stubble is not burning, then whom will he blame for pollution? 80 percent of the pollution is due to Delhi, dust in Delhi, industrial pollution and one crore private vehicles. because the Kejriwal government has not bought a single bus since 2014 and at least in Delhi. 12000 buses are required in delhi

Goel said  that is kejriwal has guets to announce in Punjab that don't burn stable.

Goel called upon the people of Delhi to stand against kejriwal government on the streets on the issues of pollution and Yamuna for the future of their children.

MLA Om Prakash Sharma said that for the last seven years, Kejriwal is only making announcements and advertisements, not taking any concrete and effective steps to get rid of pollution. The people of Delhi are compelled to suffocate in pollution.

MLA Mohan Bisht asked whether Delhi's pollution would be reduced by standing up volunteers at intersections holding placards of 'War on Pollution' and 'Red Light On, Car Off' in hand. 

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