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Vijay Goel celebrated World Nature Conservation Day by planting trees in Gandhi Smriti

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1. Vijay Goel celebrated World Nature Conservation Day by planting trees in Gandhi Smriti
2. It is our responsibility to save and preserve nature for our future – Vijay Goel
On the occasion of the world nature conservation day on July 28, 2022, former Union Minister and Vice Chairman Gandhi Smriti evam Darshan Samiti Vijay Goel planted saplings of trees inGandhi Smriti.

Addressing the gathering, Vijay Goel said that it is our responsibility to save and conserve nature for our future. Earth has provided us with basic necessities to live like water, air, soil, minerals, trees, animals, food etc. That's why we should keep nature clean and healthy to prevent it from further deterioration.

Speaking about the Indian tradition of planting trees and clubbing it with rituals and festivals, Goel  said that By clubbing tree plantation with rituals and festivals, which are pillars of our social life, we make people empathetic towards their local ecology and surroundings.
Goel  also said that everything we do affects the world. Even scientists have warned us about mass extinction in the near future.

Goel further said that due to global warming, the temperature is increasing day by day.

Goel said that the main objective of celebrating World Nature Conservation Day  on 28 July is to come together and support nature, not exploit it.

Expressing concern over the increasing pollution, Vijay  Goel   said because of man made natural imbalance we are facing many problems such as global warming, various diseases, natural calamities, increase in temperature etc. Therefore, for the next generation, it is necessary to preserve it.

Former Asian Marathon Champion Sunita Godara, along with officials of Gandhi Smriti and volunteer guides of Gandhi Smriti museum joined the tree plantation ceremony. 

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