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Golden Haveli Dharampura is a paradise in itself – Vijay Goel


1. Golden Haveli Dharampura is a paradise in itself – Vijay Goel
2. Vijay Goel’s brings  passion towards restoring old Havelis in Chandni Chowk
3. Vijay Goel dedicates newly restored Haveli to G-20 celebrating India’s presidency
4. Not only money but passion is needed to preserve the historical heritage – Vijay Goel
New Delhi, the 1st March, 2023
Former Union Minister Vijay Goel is engaged in the campaign to save the havelis, which have been a distinctive feature of Old Delhi. In this attempt, Vijay Goel has revamped the Golden Haveli in Dharmapura area of Chandni Chowk which has now become a center of attraction for people, especially foreign guests.
On March 1, 2023, Vijay Goel organized a curtain raiser for the Golden Haveli, during which invited guests were given on a tour of the newly constructed Golden Haveli when Goel briefed them about the history of the Haveli and its restoration.
After Haveli Dharmapura at Chandni Chowk, Vijay Goel took up another haveli for conservation and on April 15, 2019, took over the responsibility of conserving this 150-year-old haveli.
Informing about the Golden Haveli, Vijay Goel said that both money and passion are needed to preserve the historical heritage. He said that he feels sad to see that even if there is no money and passion, the persons from the government department, who are directly related to tourism and archeology, have never shown curiosity even to see these havelis, leave alone to preserve them.
The former Union Minister said that when he conserved the first haveli 'Haveli Dharmapura' with tireless efforts of 6 years, it was because of his passion and dedication he received a UNESCO heritage award for his efforts.
The beauty of this Golden Haveli of 200 yards, located at a distance of ten houses from Haveli Dharmapura, is an eyecatcher. Goel says that this mansion is along with the famous jeweler’s market of Chandni Chowk, Dariba and Kinari Bazaar. If you go to the roof of the haveli, you can see Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Gaurishankar Temple, Jain Temple, Gurudwara Sheeshganj.
Goel said that we are celebrating India's presidency of G-20, and therefore I have named this haveli as G-20 Golden Haveli.
Goel further informed that that Golden Haveli, taken as a heritage site, not only has samples of architectural features, traditional ancient construction style, but also has a history of its own in a city like Chandni Chowk. The haveli is a significant heritage building, not only due to its distinct architectural features and traditional construction style but also due to the f act that it is a part of the wonderful ensemble in the historic core of Capital city. Its distinctive feature is the central courtyard, which had housed an “anar” tree, whose miniature verity was got from Persia and planted here. This is where Gali Anar  got its name from, Goel said.
Goel said that the Haveli is built in sandstone with an imposing façade in stone carving and jaalis (trellis work). It is open on three sides and is very well ventilated. It is built in Islamic architecture style with cusped arched openings to the rooms around the courtyard with teak, sal and sheesham doors and windows (with stained glass work). The ground, first floor and terrace are very well preserved, though part of it is a later addition in the late-20th century.
Goyal got this work done with the hard work of famous architect Kapil Agarwal of Spaces Architect. Kapil Agarwal had earlier worked with Vijay Goel in restoration of Haveli Dharmapura.

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