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Goel will meet the mayor and commissioner of the municipal corporation to solve the problem of dog bites

Statement given by former Union Minister and Lok Abhiyaan
 President Vijay Goel in the press conference
1.      Goel will meet the mayor and commissioner of the municipal corporation to solve the problem of dog bites
2.      Animal Welfare Board and Health Ministry will send suggestions of RWAs to the government on the provisions
3.      Dog bite solution movement will continue – Goel
New Delhi, May 11, 2023:
A meeting of RWAs was organized on May 10, 2023 at the speaker hall of the Constitution Club on the issue of stray dogs biting by 'Lok Abhiyan', and its solution.
Former Union Minister Vijay Goel has strongly condemned the ruckus and assault created by some women by forcefully entering the meeting.
Goel said that it was a well-planned conspiracy to spoil the meeting and create ruckus and for this, the Deputy Speaker's hall was booked at the same place and at the same time and when we said that these people would create ruckus, cancel their booking. .
Goel said that there are 6 lakh stray dogs in Delhi. Till now lakhs of people have been bitten by dogs in Delhi. To solve this problem, more people should look at dogs with respect, so this meeting was called.
Goel said what kind of animal lovers they are, who come to other's meetings and unnecessarily scuffle and fight, whose videos have also gone viral.
Goel told that the police were present there. This ruckus took place in the presence of the police, which has a complete video recording, on which action should be taken.
Goel said that everyone loves animals, not only dogs, but if biting becomes a big problem, then a solution has to be found. According to information received, 12, 652 cases of dog bites have come to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in the last three months – February, March and April, and 50 percent of these cases are below 14 years of age.
Goel also said that he will soon meet Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi and Commissioner Gyanesh Bharti to see how they can implement the 10-point programme issued by us yesterday to solve the problem of dog bites.
Vijay Goel said that he would also take all the information from the officials of Animal Welfare Board and Health Ministry. Goel said that many people have objections to some provisions of the rules made by the Animal Welfare Board, for that they will form a committee of RWA representatives and send their suggestions to the government.
Goel said that his movement is only because of his love for animals so that people do not consider them as their enemies. Goel said that his dog bite solution movement will continue. By holding street meetings, we will pressurize the government and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to conduct a census of dogs and immediately start a campaign to sterilize them on a war footing.

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