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RWA’s are not ready to feed street dogs – Goel

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1. RWA's are not ready to feed street dogs – Goel

New Delhi June 11, 2023: Former Union Minister Vijay Goyal's campaign regarding the problem of dog bites reached Maharishi Dayanand Park in Trinagar Keshav Puram today.

Goel said if we not cognizance of dog in delhi number will increase from 8 lakh to 60 lakh.

Goel said that every day 150 to 200 dog bite cases are coming to a government hospital, if we take all the hospitals, we can guess that thousands of dogs are biting humans every day at some place or the other.

Goel said that the Delhi government and the Municipal Corporation are not paying attention to the problem of stray dogs, monkeys and cows, but the whole of Delhi is in the grip of their fear.

Goel said that he is doing the work of creating awareness among the public. Goyal said that today the children have holidays but children are not seen in the parks because their parents are afraid of dog bites where the children come with their guardians.

Goel said that he had gone to Vasant Kunj to meet the mother whose children of 5 and 7 had been mauled to death by dogs, where till date someone who is known as a dog lover not went to inquire about the condition of that poor mother or did they help her.

Goel said that he is getting calls from places like Pune, Maharashtra, Kerala, Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi to hold meetings here too because the problem of dogs has increased a lot here too.

Goyal said that a person belongs to Shahdara who said that the swiper has refused to come to street here because she says that there are many dogs in this street and she is afraid to come here.

Councilor of Trinagar Meenu Goel said that people who come to visit the parks demand small sticks from us so that the roaming dogs do not come near them.

Vineeta, a resident of Trinagar, said that she has been bitten by dogs twice so far and a dog bite costs 10,000 for 4 injections and the injection given after the dog bite is also not easily available.

Trinagar RWA chief Ramesh Chander said that dogs are left on the streets, so they become stray like humans, if enclosures are made for them at different places, they will not become stray.

Ashok Sharma of Keshav Puram RWA said that the problem of cows should also be address. My wife was hit by a cow and she is still in bed.

Saurabh Gandhi of RWA Federation said that the rules of RWA Animal Welfare Board should be changed as RWA is not ready to take the responsibility of feeding the stray dogs.

Udit Prakash, a resident, said that those who call themselves dog lovers, give pieces of meat to dogs anywhere, gradually they get used to it and they become more violent, whose easy victims are children and old people.

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