Vijay Goel

Goel poses 9 questions to Kejriwal

Statement made by Former Union Minister Vijay Goel in the Press Conference

1.    Goel poses 9 questions to Kejriwal
2.    Kejriwal is deceiving 27.6 lakh consumers of Jal Board in the name of one-time settlement scheme – Goel
3.    Will the money of consumers who have paid wrong bills, be refunded?
4.    Where has Kejriwal's “Future Software” gone, under which the consumer will prepare the bill themselves – Goel

New Delhi, June 17, 2023: Launching a scathing attack on Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal over the one-time settlement policy announcement of water bills for almost 11.7 lakh consumers, former Union Minister Vijay Goel said that the Chief Minister of Delhi is continuously deceiving and misguiding the people of Delhi regarding water bills. Goel said that the government has no control over the Jal Board. There is huge corruption in it and now to hide the corruption, this one-time settlement scheme is being introduced on water bills.
Goel said that nothing has been finalized about this scheme yet and the Chief Minister has announced it without thinking, because people's water bills amounting to Rs 3 to 4 lakhs is being charged owing to which a lot of pressure is put on the government.
Goel said that a video of Kejriwal is in the public domain, in which he has been saying since 2016 that there is huge fraud in the bills of 27.6 lakh consumers. It was Kejriwal who had announced in 2016 that he would make a “Future Software”, in which consumers would be able to take meter readings from their mobile itself and generate the bill themselves, which will prevent wrong meter reading. Where has the “Future Software” of the Chief Minister disappeared, questioned Goel?
Kejriwal has himself admitted that due to corruption in Jal Board, bills have been generated by taking false readings. Moreover, the consumers are being threatened that if they do not pay the bills according to the new readings within three (3) months then they will have to pay the bills with wrong readings.
 Goel also posed 9 questions to Arvind Kejriwal:
1.    Thousands of consumers who have paid all the old bills on the basis of wrong meter readings, will their bills be rectified and the amount be refunded?
2.    So far, how many crores of rupees have been deposited by how many consumers on the basis of wrong bills?
3.    The Chief Minister has accepted that the bills of 95 percent people are wrong, in which the meter reader is at fault and bribe has also been sought in this. What action will be taken against these corrupt meter readers?
4.    Officials of Jal Board say that no plan is final yet, so on what basis has the Chief Minister made this announcement?
5.    The Chief Minister said in a video that due to Covid, wrong bills have been made. There was no Covid in 2016, then why corruption continued, the Chief Minister should tell?
6.    The Chief Minister is saying that it will take 100 years to rectify these bills, then how will they be rectified so soon, which could not be rectified in the last 8 years?
7.    Where is the ‘Future Software’ announced by Kejriwal in 2016, in which the consumers are allowed to generate the correct bill by taking the meter reading from the mobile itself?
8.    Who will verify the readings of the new bills and whether there will be any court to settle the disputes arising in it?
9.    Will bills be generated also for the areas where people complain that dirty water is coming in the entire colony?

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