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Equal justice is the right of every citizen – Arif Mohammad Khan

1.    Equal justice is the right of every citizen – Arif Mohammad Khan
2.    Uniform Civil Code will also protect the interests of common citizens – Arif Mohammad Khan
3.    UCC will promote gender equality and reduce discrimination based on religion: Vijay Goel
4.    Modi is working for all sections without any discrimination: Goel
New Delhi, July 13, 2023: Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti organized a seminar on “Uniform Civil Code – Need of the Hour?” at Tees January Marg, Gandhi Smriti on July 13, 2023. On this occasion, Governor of Kerala, Arif Mohammad Khan, delivered the keynote address. Former Union Minister and Vice Chairman of Gandhi Smriti, Vijay Goel presided over the function.
In his address, Arif Mohammad Khan stated that the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is essential for the unity of the country. It is unfortunate that some people are associating it with religion, whereas UCC is not targeting any particular religion. Instead, it advocates equal laws for all citizens of the country.
He mentioned that this law will ensure that when two women approach the court under similar circumstances, the court will not ask about their religion, but rather affirm that equal justice is the right of every citizen.
The Governor of Kerala said that since 2019, there has been a 96% reduction in triple talaq cases among Muslims. This has benefited those women and their children who were earlier distressed. This law has transformed their lives. Similarly, the Uniform Civil Code will also protect the interests of common citizens.
Arif Mohammad Khan stated that India is not a land of revolutions but of transformations. We live with our cultural diversities and celebrate our diversity.
Goel said that opponents of the Uniform Civil Code claim that it would violate religious freedom. However, this law will promote gender equality, reduce discrimination based on religion, and simplify the legal system. The maximum benefit will be received by the minority communities.
Goel said that the need is being felt that there should be equal law for every citizen living in India, irrespective of caste and religion and called for a healthy debate on this issue. He said that the Uniform Civil Code aims to be a secular law.
Goel said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi works without any discrimination. He has worked for the upliftment of minorities, women, and the poor. Whether it is the ban on triple talaq, the Ujjwala scheme, or the Jan Dhan Yojana, these schemes have benefited people of all religions, especially women.
Goel said that change is often met with resistance, but progress demands courage and vision. We must also acknowledge that the implementation of a UCC requires careful consideration and extensive dialogue with all stakeholders, including religious and community leaders. It is essential to address their concerns and find common ground to forge ahead towards a more just and equitable society.
Earlier on his arrival to Gandhi Smriti, Arif Mohammad Khan offered tributes at the Martyr’s Column, the site of the Martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi.

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