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Muslim Sisters Tie Rakhi to former Union Minister Vijay Goel Celebrating Chandrayaan-3 Success

Muslim Sisters Tie Rakhi to former Union Minister Vijay Goel Celebrating Chandrayaan-3 Success
Opposition Parties Urged Not to Diminish Prime Minister's Role in Chandrayaan's Success
Tiranga Yatra  to be organized in Jama Masjid Area to celebrate Chandrayaan's Success
New Delhi, August 30, 2023: On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a significant number of Muslim and other women congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the success of Chandrayaan-3.
As a celebration, these women tied Chandrayan 3 Rakhi to former Union Minister and Vice Chairman of Gandhi Smriti, Vijay Goel symbolizing Chandrayaan-3's triumph.
On this occasion a Muslim women Gazala Imran, requested Vijay Goel, to send the message of the success of Chandrayaan-3 to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Goel said that he would soon collaborate with these Muslim women to organize a Tiranga Yatra near Jama Masjid, where individuals from various communities would participate thereby highlighting the march's significance as a representation of India's Ganga-Jamuni culture.
Goel conveyed his gratitude on behalf of all citizens to the scientists, who have elevated the nation's status with Chandrayaan-3's achievement. Goel said that achieving success in space exploration within such a limited budget demonstrates our ingenuity and capability.
Goel also that for future lunar missions, other nations would seek India's assistanc, that will definitely lead to our economic and social benefits.
Emphasizing the uniqueness of the insights gained from the Moon, Goel said that this information would play a crucial role in upcoming research endeavors.
Vijay Goel, while taking a dig at the opposition parties, suggested that when the captain of our Nation (Narendra Modi) has foresight and vision, which can be seen in the constant progress across all sectors, the opposition should not be jealous of this remarkable feat that India has acvieved. Goel further invoked the example of the 1971 war when our soldiers fought valiantly, and said that the credit for this went to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
Asma Arshi highlighted that India has now entered the realm of space exploration as one of the top four countries, following the United States, China, and Russia. Recalling Chandrayaan's landing, she described the excitement and tension her family experienced and the tears of joy they shed upon its successful landing.

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