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Sarva Dharam Sadvhav Tiranga Yatra Celebrates the Success of G20 Summit under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Leadership – Vijay Goel

1.   Sarva Dharam Sadvhav Tiranga Yatra Celebrates the Success of G20 Summit under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Leadership – Vijay Goel
2.   We are celebrating not just India's achievements but also our unity in diversity – Goel
3.   We Pledge to uphold PM Modi's vision for an Empowered India – Goel
4.   Tiranga Yatra revives legacy of India’s Heritage, Aims to Raise Awareness for PM Modi's Key Development Objectives – Goel
New Delhi, September 13, 2023 – Former Union Minister Vijay Goel will lead the Sarva Dharam Sadbhav Tiranga Yatra from Jama Masjid to Delhi Gate on September 14, 2023, to celebrate the remarkable success of the G20 Summit, held under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Goel said that Mahatma Gandhi respected all religions, and his associates included people of many religions and castes. “This Tiranga Yatra signifies the unity and inclusivity that India stands for, regardless of religion or background signifying the pluralistic values that define India. We are celebrating not just India’s achievements but also our unity in diversity,” Goel said.
Goel said that large number of Muslim brothers and sisters will also join this yatra carrying slogans of development undertaken by our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The yatra will start from Jama Masjid and cover a distance of 4 km through the heart of the city, and culminate at Delhi Gate.
Goel said that the Muslim Association of Jama Masjid's Matia Mahal, Ballimaran, Fish Market will also join the yatra and welcome the yatris. Local shopkeepers will welcome the yatris and celebrate the success of G-20 by showering flowers at various places. A special band has been called from Uttarakhand for the yatra, behind which there will be a picture of Modi ji along with a cutout of G-20.
Goel said that the G20 Summit, held on September 10-11, 2023, in New Delhi, witnessed the convergence of world leaders and policymakers to address the most pressing global challenges. The summit saw meaningful discussions and agreements on various topics, including climate change, economic cooperation, healthcare, and technology.
Goel said that Prime Minister Modi’s vision and diplomatic acumen played a pivotal role in fostering cooperation and mutual understanding among the participating nations.
Goel said that the success of the G20 Summit reflects India’s growing influence on the global stage under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Goel also emphasized that, the Sarva Dharam Sadbhav Tiranga Yatra serves as a powerful reminder that the spirit of the Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam – One Earth, One Family, One Future lives on in our collective consciousness. This yatra aligns perfectly with our Prime Minister’s vision of an inclusive and prosperous India and fighting social evils.

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