Vijay Goel

Goel conducted Bijli Adalat in Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency.

1. Goel conducted Bijli Adalat in Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency.
2. The government should provide relief under some scheme to the rising electricity bills of poor people – Goel
3. Bijli Adalat will be conducted in different areas of Delhi – Goel
New Delhi, September27, 2023: Former Union Minister Vijay Goel today resolved the electricity related problems of hundreds of people by setting up Bijli Adaalat' for NDPL consumers at Ashirwad Banquet Hall, Derawal Nagar of Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency. Top officials of NDPL were present with him in this meeting.
Goel said that people are facing a lot of electricity problems and people do not even know which officer to talk to, whom to approach and there are some people who have been making rounds of the officers for 4-5 years but till now their problem has not been solved. Therefore, Bijli Adalat is trying to solve people's problems.
Hearing the problems of the public, Goel ordered the concerned officer of that department to immediately resolve the issues, so that the public problem can be solved as soon as possible.
Goel said that if the government gives so many subsidies then the bill of these poor people should also be waived off. Those people manage their livelihood with difficulty and the government should also think about them.
Goel said that most of the problems of the people are due to high electricity bills, hence they want that their meters should be checked and the government should provide benefits under some scheme to those whose electricity has been cut.
Many people said that despite the fact that no commercial activity is taking at their place, bills as per commercial rates are being raised. Some people say that since the time fast meters have been installed they are receiving higher bills.
Goel, along with NDPL officials, listened to the complaints of the public and provided relief to the complainants wherever possible.
Goel said that in future also he will set up Bijli Adalat in different areas of Delhi and the problems of the people will be solved. He also appealed to the Delhi Government if they would promise free lollipops during the elections, then they should provide some permanent scheme for these poor people and provide solution to them.

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