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BJP holds massive “Grameen Akrosh” rally in Bijwasan, thousands vow to remove Congress for ruining rural Delhi


  • BJP holds massive “Grameen Akrosh” rally in Bijwasan, thousands vow to remove Congress for ruining rural Delhi, making false promises
  • Congress making false announcements on Section 81 of DLR and extension of Lal Dora:Goel
  • Delhi villages made to suffer from acute water shortage by Congress, poor quality of water a cause of concern: Goel
  • Congress govt. turned Delhi villages into slums in last 14½ years: Rana 

Thousands of Delhi citizens gathered in Bijwasan today at Delhi BJP’s “Grameen Akrosh” rally to express their anger over false promises made regarding Delhi villages by the Congress government in Delhi over the last 15 years. Addressing the rally, Delhi BJP President, Sh. Vijay Goel said, “ Neither Lal Dora has been extended no Section 81 of the Delhi Land Reforms Act has been removed during last 15 years of Congress rule. In addition to other development issues, these are two fundamental issues concerning all villages in the city. The Congress manifestos during previous two elections clearly made a false promise regarding these two issues as  Congress, after forming the government in Delhi slept on the issue.
Now just a few months prior to the assembly polls, the Congress government has woken up and to avoid a political backlash it has made another “deceptive” announcement regarding restriction on the use Section-81 of Delhi Land Reforms Act, 1954. 
The Congress Government of Delhi is misleading by claiming that the people living in Lal Dora area, unauthorized colonies and extended abadi areas will be able to get their properties registered and carry out construction after approval of building plans by the authorities concerned.  The last date for submitting application has been kept as 20 August. Within a few days of this deadline, the Model code of conduct for assembly polls in Delhi  will come into force.
The Congress i Government will have an excuse and tell the people that since the Model Code of Conduct has come into force, the decision will be taken by the concerned authorities concerned after the elections.”
Sh. Goel said, “People of Delhi realise that Congress used a similar ploy before 2008 assembly polls also when it announced issue of provisional certificates for regularization of unauthorised colonies. Post-assembly polls, this announcement remained on paper and no benefit accrued to common people. The same is going to happen in case of recent announcements regarding Delhi villages”
The Delhi BJP President said, “This government has failed to provide even a single glass of clean water to half of the city. People are dying with Delhi Jal Board headed by the Chief Minister supplying contaminated water. Worst affected are the rural areas which have to largely  rely on  private water tankers even for daily needs. Most of the villages do not have basic sewage facilities. The Delhi government run schools in rural areas does not have basic facilities. There are no regular teachers. “
Shri Satprakash Rana, BJP MLA from Bijwasan said, “The villages of Delhi have been left unattended by Congress government. All those initiatives which were started by BJP related to transport,education, water, power, sewage and other public utilities have been stopped by the Congress government.  The compensation rates for land acquisition in this part of Delhi, which were increased manifold by BJP from 1993 to 1998, have remained almost stagnant.
Sh. Satprakash Rana, MLA said, “People are fed up with the misrule of Congress government both in Delhi and at the Centre.  It is time to throw them out of the seat of power. Water is the main issue of Delhi and the coming election shall be fought over water. ”
Sh. Kulwant Rana, another Jat MLA from BJP said, “The BJP, wherever it has been in government, has done tremendous work for people. While BJP’s key agenda is “good governance”, Congress has nothing to show in its report card either at Centre or in Delhi.”
The villages of Delhi, which were pride of this city, have been turned into slums. The residents of rural areas feel cheated by Congress government and are ready to give it a  befitting reply in coming assembly elections.”
Bhupender Gupta, president, BJP ‘s Mehrauli district, said, “ The BJP will ensure that when it comes to power, the long pending demands of the residents in rural areas in Delhi are given top priority.”

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