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Delhi BJYM launches agitation to press for 4% relaxation in cut off list for Delhi students. BJP will implement a new admission policy for Delhi students.

Amidst heavy downpour in the city, large number of students gathered at Jantar Mantar in the capital today to protest the denial of opportunity to them to get admission in Delhi University Colleges due to acute shortage of seats with Delhi government failing to open a single new college during the last 15 years.

Addressing the students, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, the BJP is in favour of a new admission policy in which all the students who have passed out class 12 from Delhi should get atleast 4% relaxation in cut off-marks for the DU admissions. He said, this can be implemented immediately in Delhi govt. run colleges but the current congress govt. in the city lacks the will to do this.

"I am going to take up this issue with the newly appointed LG Delhi with whom I would be meeting on Monday," informed Shri Goel.

He further added that braving such heavy downpour, so many students have joined the protest which clearly indicates the anger of thousands of class 12 students who are being denied opportunity in the city to get affordable high education.

Addressing the gathering, Delhi BJYM President Shri Gaurav Khari said a large number of students who come from lower and middle income groups can not afford to study in private expensive colleges. Their only hope is to study in a DU college. But due to acute shortage of seats and no preference being given to them, they lose out on the chance to have higher education.

To change this dismal scenario, the Delhi BJP had already presented a blue print a few days ago which suggested that there should be 4% relaxation in cut off lists given to students passing out from Delhi schools.

It also suggested opening of 15 new colleges, starting evening classes in morning colleges, opening chapters of prestigious colleges in neighboring cities and states to reduce pressure of students from other states on the DU. 

Currently, more than 1.3 lakh students are passing out of Delhi schools and they get less than 10,000 seats in DU colleges.

Shri Khari said that as the Delhi government has failed to respond on this issue concerning future of the youth in Delhi so the BJYM has launched an agitation.

Shri Goel, meanwhile, assured the youth that the BJP, when it comes to power in Delhi will immediately implement the blue print mentioned above.

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