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BJP gets ready to launch “Mass Contact programme” among JJ clusters. Massive rally on issues related to JJ clusters on 4 August

To  consolidate as well as expand the growing popularity of Delhi Bharatiya Janata party among Jhuggi Jhopri  residents  who are completely disillusioned with the Congress government  and are providing tremendous support to the BJP , the Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel will launch a mass contact programme among JJ dwellers through a padyatra at Lal Bagh  JJ cluster (in Model Town) on Friday.
The mass contact programme under which thousand of BJP cadres will span out in more than 680 JJ clusters across the city is a part of party’s “outreach” strategy which has already been successfully implemented by launching similar campaigns for youth, dalits and the minority.
The first phase of this mass contact programme will culminate with a massive rally of JJ cluster residents at Talkatora  Stadium on August 4.
Addressing a gathering of   heads of JJ clusters  on the eve of the launch of the mass contact programme for JJ clusters, Shri Goel said, “ The BJP has a positive agenda for the JJ clusters  which involve providing  every Jhuggi dwelling household with a house at the place where they are residing now,  single point electricity scheme to reduce their inflated and unaffordable  power bills, a corruption free PDS, highly subsidized LPG cylinders, providing regular water supply, sewerage health care facilities and  education facilities near their doorsteps.
It may be recalled that Congress has failed to deliver on all these fronts for JJ clusters. The Rajiv Ratna Awas Yojana is a case in point which was meant for the poor but has remained on paper! Dilli Annashree Yojana, Annapurna Yojana are some of the other schemes which were meant for poor but did not reach them in reality.
There are currently more than 2.2 million people living in JJ clusters across the city. The Planning Commission has itself said in a report that the JJ clusters in Delhi are devoid of basic amenities that should have been provided by the Delhi government.
Shri Goel said, “During the last 15 years, Congress government has done nothing for JJ clusters. Their living conditions have deteriorated. Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board which is supposed to improve their living conditions has become den of corruption.  To cover-up scam of crores of rupees in DUSIB, the Congress government did not allow a CBI enquiry to take place in 2010.  There should be a high level probe and action should be taken against those who have pocketed money meant to be spent on the poor.”
The heads of JJ clusters in Delhi assured Shri Goel that millions of JJ dwellers are fed with the false promises of Congress government and they would support the BJP to teach the incumbent government a hard hitting lesson in coming assembly polls.

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