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Post – Nirbhaya incident, Delhi witnessed 700% increase in eve teasing, 495% increase in molestation, 240% increase in rapes!

The Delhi BJP today said it wants most severe punishment for the four convicts in the Nirbhaya case; it emphasized that it is time to address the larger issue of rapidly spiraling crime against women in the city as the sense of urgency to tackle this issue seems to have gone missing in the authorities concerned over the last nine – months.
The party said, it is unfortunate that despite a series of announcements in wake of the Nirbhaya case, the safety concerns of women remain unaddressed in the city. The harsh reality is that Delhi continues to be unsafe for women and is becoming increasingly unsafe day by day. The party urged all the stakeholders to act and resolve this problem which ia affecting almost every household in the city.
Addressing a joint press conference today, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel and BJP National Secretary Ms. Aarti Mehra said, “It is ironical that in spite of the reprehensible incident of December 16 last year, the cases of rape have increased in Delhi by 240% and molestation by 495% this year. The government of the day has only done window dressing as far as safety of women is concerned.” Those who were present at the press conference also included Delhi BJP general secretary Smt. Shikha Rai, Delhi BJP Mahila Morcha President Smt. Sudha Sharma, former MP Dr. Anita Arya and former Mayor Smt. Meera Aggarwal.
The two leaders said that the BJP wants immediate modernization of Delhi Police, deployment of sufficient number of women cops in every police station, replacement of old vehicles by upgraded vehicles for patrolling and induction of more women cops.There should be self-defence training for girls and women in all educational institutions.
Shri Goel said, “The BJP will implement all these measures when it comes to power in Delhi as women safety is on the top of its agenda”. He further added, “Justice Verma committee, which was set up after the Nirbhaya incident, made recommendations to address the safety concerns of women by improving the police functioning. An Action Taken Report on the recommendations of the Justice Verma Committee should be released by the Delhi government.”
Following the Nirbhaya incident, the Delhi Govt. promised to install CCTV cameras, GPS in all the city buses and also deploy home-guards in these buses. But nothing much seems to have happened on the ground.  The public transport in Delhi thus remains unsafe.
The police records  from January to August 15 this year 1,036 rape cases have already been reported from across the city as compared to  433 rape cases reported in Delhi during the same period in year 2012. In first eight months of 2013, 2267 cases of molestation were reported this year as compared to 381 cases of molestation during the same period last year. From January toApril 15 this year, the eve teasing cases registered an increase of 700% as compared to  eve teasing cases reported during the same period last year.
Delhi has also become the capital of missing girls and children. According to Delhi Police records, close to 3,450 children who went missing in Delhi in the past over three years are yet to be traced and girls accounted for 55 percent of them.
According to the National Crime Records Bureau, Delhi witnessed the highest incidence of crime against women in 2012 with 14.2% of the total crime in all the cities having above 10 lakh population. Delhi city has accounted for 19.34% of rape cases, 23.1% of kidnapping & abduction cases, 14.6% of dowry deaths and 10.9% of assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty cases. Of all the rape cases recorded in the 53 million plus cities of India, every fifth rape took place in Delhi in 2012, which accounts for 19.34%. A year earlier, Delhi’s contribution to total rapes in these cities was 17.6%. The conviction rate of various cases in Delhi in year 2012 was a mere 15 per cent. This raises a serious question on the efficiency of police.

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