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Modi is hugely popular among DU students, worked in ABVP

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today  said  that  no one should  have a problem with Sh. Narendra Modi’s name being associated with student organization ABVP’s  campaign for Delhi University Students Union(DUSU) polls.
Shri Goel said, “Shri Modi is hugely popular among students and youth and he himself has worked in ABVP so there is nothing wrong in his name featuring in its campaign. The unprecedented welcome which he received during a lecture at SRCC at Delhi University sometime ago, the rapt attention with which students listened to him and the excitement his visit generated in Delhi University students is a proof in itself of the huge following that Shri Modi has among the DU students. So it is quite natural if Shri Modi’a name figures in ABVP’s campaign.”
The ABVP is contesting for all four seats of DUSU-Aman Awana for President, Utkarsh Chaudhry for Vice-President, Anshu  Lakra for Secretary,  Raju Rawat for the post of Joint Secretary.
“It is clear that ABVP’s detractors are worried by the overwhelming support of students to its DUSU campaign. It is heading towards a decisive victory in DUSU polls,” he added.
Shri Goel, who is also a former DUSU President said, “Those who are trying to create any controversy out of this issue should do their homework. A number of leaders in BJP today have worked during their student days in ABVP including myself. Today all of us who are working in BJP are proud to say that we have worked in ABVP during our student days. ABVP is an organization for whom student politics is not an end itself but it is yet another tool for nation building.”
Today as the nation is looking for a change from the corrupt and inefficient Congress led UPA governments, the youth and especially the students have to spearhead this campaign. The NSUI represents the corrupt and inefficient Congress government The students of Delhi University have always played an important role in ushering in a change.  Their huge participation in a number of active campaigns are a clear indication that winds of change are blowing.
Shri Goel said the Congress government in Delhi has neglected higher education during its 15 years misrule. Not even a single new college was opened in Delhi University even as the number of students are increasing. There is an urgent need to open new colleges and improve infrastructure in Delhi University, he added.

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