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Lack of roads, sewer and drinking water major problems in Delhi villages: Goel

Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today led ‘Gaon-Gaon Sampark’ yatra in Bapraula, Bakkarwala, Kotla, Ranhaula, Burela and Hastsal meeting scores of people, listening to their problems caused by the neglect of the Delhi government. The Delhi BJP President assured them to address their problems and grievances when BJP comes to power in Delhi after the assembly elections.
During his yatra, Shri Goel announced abolition of trade licenses in the South, East and North Municipal Corporation areas. The Delhi BJP President said that instead of trade licenses, the traders will now fill up a Trader Information Form supported by an affidavit once in five years. Shri Goel said that this move will free the traders from the clutches of the inspector raj of the Delhi government. Shri Goel is undertaking Gaon-Gaon Sampark yatra to connect with the people living in villages of Delhi. More than 360 villages in Delhi bear the stark neglect by the Delhi government which has resulted in lack of development in these areas, where there are no proper roads, sewer is either absent or defunct and drinking water’s availability is poor. Erratic power supply only compounds the problems of the people in these villages.
Addressing people in Delhi villages, Shri Goel said, “Solving the problems of villages and people living in those areas will be the priority of the BJP when it comes to power. The water and power supply problems will be sorted out. The BJP will formulate a detailed plan for the all round development of the villages of Delhi at par with the rest of the city.”
The Lal Dora has not been extended in the last 15 years under the Congress government, which promised in its manifesto to bring amendment to the land reforms law by repealing the Section 81 of the Delhi Land Reforms Act. Lamenting inaction over Lal Dora, Shri Goel said, “The issued surrounding Lal Dora area will be settled on permanent basis by BJP when it comes to power.  The extended Lal Dora will be declared as Lal Dora area. All the business and residential establishments in the villages will be regularized.”
Shri Goel further said, “Once the BJP comes to power, the village growth centres started by the BJP and subsequently abandoned by the Congress government will be revived to address and solve the problems faced by the villages.”
Lack of public transport facility is another major problem that the people living in the villages of Delhi face on daily basis. The Delhi BJP President assured the people of extending all the help and support.

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