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Goel assures villagers, BJP will do in 15 months what Congress couldn’t do in 15 years

Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel today launched a scathing attack on the Congress government in Delhi for enhancing the food insecurity for millions of households in the city with rising prices of basic commodities like tomatoes and onions.

Addressing a public rally at Mustafabad today, Sh. Goel said, “The poor families are not getting forms for the food security scheme, forms are being sold in black ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 200 each. Touts are having a field day as people are being hassled for filling up and submission of forms.  There is  complete confusion and chaos  about the eligibility criteria for getting rations now- whether it is smart card, aadhar card or ration card?.”

“There are so many cards now-Aadhar card, ration card, smart card etc-now but no cheap ration. A number of people are also complaining of extremely poor quality of food grains. On top of it the prices of tomatoes have also now shot up to Rs 60 Kg along with onions which are being sold at Rs 80 -100/Kg.”

“The new food security scheme has thus hit the poor the hardest. They are left at the mercy of officials even as food grains meant for them is being swindled and sold in open market. With more than 50% of the vacancies in Food and Civil Supplies Department lying vacant and less than 2500 fair price shops, the Congress government has made a complete mess of the food security for common people in Delhi.”
Sh. Goel said, “Under the food security scheme implemented by the Delhi government, only 5kg per person per household food grains are allocated, whereas the earlier PDS schemes allocated atleast 35kg cheap food grains to each family. Thus a family of five which was getting 35 kg food grains earlier will in fact get only 25 kg food grains. This impels a greater insecurity for poorer families.
Earlier during the day speaking during his “Gaon-Gaon Sampark” Yatra in Matiala at Ghumanhera, Sh. Goel said, “More than 360 villages have been left completely unattended by Congress government during last 15 years. The BJP will provide public transport to connect each village in Delhi. There is complete absence of water supply and sewage systems in Delhi.”

During his yatra at Rawata, Gulabpur, Daryapur,Pandwala Kalan, Khurd, Daulatpu, Sikar and Jhatikra villages,  thousands of villagers gathered and share their anger and disappointment over the continuous state of neglect in  their villages. Shri Goel assured them that the BJP government will do for them in 15 months what Congress could not do even in 15-years.

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