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Huge response from public for Sept. 29 rally, BJP cadres are galvanized: Vijay Goel

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today unveiled “Operation Blitzkrieg”   for the historic “Vikas Rally” on September 29 at Japense Park, Rohini. The rally will be addressed by Shri Narendra Modi, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate.
Addressing a press conference today, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel unveiled the plan for an innovative stage design, a high-decibel 360 degree publicity campaign and use of state of the art technology  for the rally.
“The most important aspect about this rally in addition to 5 lakh people attending the rally is that we are going to extensively use technology for this rally. The party is using state of the art technology to ensure that not only those who attend the rally can have a life time experience listening to Shri Modi but those who are not able to come to the venue  due to restrains of space can  share this joy too.”
“Around 20,000 square feet area will form the enclosure for the stage. There will be three stages in all with one main stage with a dimension of 80X40 sq feet. The main stage is a two-level stage with 8 feet height with the central podium of 10 feet height. There will be two other stages adjacent to the main stage,” informed Shri Goel.
“There will be two gain screens behind the stage and 20 LED screens within the ground. Around 5 lakh people are going to attend this rally. These 20 LED screens will ensure that those attending the rally can get a close view of the leaders at the stage as they speak.”
To make the stage lively, there will be a dynamic backdrop with moving visuals that will carry the message in a subtle yet very impressive manner. This stage is modern and contemporary and would ensure that anyone who attends the rally should feel close by to those on the stage.
To ensure that the speeches are heard perfectly,   the state of the art “Line Array” sound system is being used. These would ensure that every word spoken from the stage is delivered in perfectly audible form to those attending the rally. The Line Array System ensures that even the last person standing or sitting on the ground gets to hear as good a voice as the first one.
“The sound system will use four-way speakers as a part of the Line-Array system. These are the best speakers in the world and provide high quality optimum sound for such mammoth gatherings.
The rally will be covered by seven camera shoot. This multi-camera feed will be available for live broadcast to all broadcasters who want to use this feed. The video streaming will be done through the latest and state of the art “Watch-Out” technology that provides high definition video streaming from different angles thus providing a wide choice to viewers and broadcasters.

In another unique initiative the private TV channels will be made available studio space on the venue from where they can broadcast special programmes, commentaries, analysis and live details of the rally minute by minute.
Meanwhile, several LED screens will be put across the city at different locations for live broadcast of the rally. The party is putting up more than 250 hoardings for the rally across the city. A number of radio spots are being put on air on FM radio stations across the city which would play atleast 30-50 times a day on each station. In addition stickers, pamphlets, T-shirts, Caps, are being prepared and distributed as a part of the merchandise. An online campaign for the rally is already on with extensive use of social media platforms. The party is getting great response from these.
To ensure smooth flow of traffic, availability of sufficient drinking water and medical aid on the day of the rally, preparations are under progress. Adequate number of BJP volunteers will help Delhi Traffic Police and other authorities to ensure smooth organizing of the rally.
“At the organizational level, cadres are mobilizing common people. Prabhat Pheris in all 280 mandals are already underway and I am taking padyatras across the city. This morning I went to Shalimar Bagh for the Padyatra where I got tremendous response. The BJP workers are galvanized and people are awaiting eagerly to hear Shri Modi on Sept. 29 rally,” said Shri Goel

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