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Shri Vijay Goel spearheads efforts to redeem lost glory of Qudsia Bagh, inaugurates Jogging Track

Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today inaugurated the Jogging Track at Qudsia Bagh in north Delhi as part of the efforts to redeem the lost glory of the medieval garden built by Qudsia Begum, the wife of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah Rangeela in 1748. The former inauguration by Shri Goel was the culmination of a process that began with the creation of Facebook Page, “Qudsia Bagh” in Febraury this year to create awareness about the historical garden in Delhi.
Speaking on the occasion, Shri Goel said, “I have been among the regular visitors of the Qudsia Bagh and the dilapidated condition of the garden has been a matter of concern for many. It is important to restore and preserve the historical value and charm of the garden.”
Call for restoration and revival of the Qudsia Bagh began with concerned citizens and morning walkers at the garden raising concerns for the welfare of Qudsia Bagh.  A meeting was called on April 12, 2013 to discuss these concerns with Authorities of MCD, Mayor and the Standing Committee Chairman. Shri Vijay Goel was invited for the meeting.
It was decided in the meeting that the concerns relating to the revival and upkeep of Qudsia Bagh to suit the modern day requirements of citizens should be taken care of by forming a Society involving all authorities and morning walkers from the adjoining areas.

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