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Goel challenges the Chief Minister to reply to BJP’s questions

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party President Shri Vijay Goel today slammed the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for belittling growth in Gujarat and making false claims regarding development of Delhi.

Addressing a press conference today Shri Goel said, “The Delhi BJP had raised 15 questions earlier to which Congress could not respond.  Today we are releasing another list of 15 questions which exposed Chief Minister’s claims. We challenge the Chief Minister to reply to these questions and come out with the truth.”
15 Years, 15 Questions

The Congress government of Delhi claims that it has run the government maintaining fiscal discipline. So, will it explain why did the CAG conclude that Delhi suffered a revenue loss of Rs. 2,700 crore during the last fiscal? 
On an average, 10,000 infants die in the Delhi government’s hospitals every year. In the last 5 years, 50,000 infants have died in these hospitals. The infant mortality rate (IMR) in Delhi is 28 per thousand. Will the Congress government explain as to how will the Delhi Development Goal of reducing the IMR to 10 per thousand by 2015 be achieved? 

According to Delhi Development Report, 2013, half of the population living in the JJ Clusters in Delhi does not have the tiolet facility on their premises. If the Congress government’s claim is true about their developmental works in these areas in the last 15 years, why the poor living in JJ Clusters do not have latrines even in their homes? 

According to a study sponsored by the Union Science and Technology Ministry, Delhi is in High Health Risk Zone and that pollution has increased by 21% in the last 10 years in Delhi. Will the Congress government of Delhi explain as to why Delhi is in such a pitiable condition? 

The budget of the Delhi Commonwealth Games escalated almost 100 times from Rs. 296 crore to Rs. 28,054 crore. Will the Congress government explain as to how does it make the estimates for organizing such an event that the cost escalates by 100 times? And, will it also explain as to why did the CAG and the Shunglu Committee held Delhi government guilty in CWG scam? 

Delhi government has spent Rs. 2072 crore for cleaning River Yamuna. Will the Congress government explain why the Yamuna is becoming more polluted by the day despite spending so much of money? Where is the money going? 

The Congress government of Delhi has given more than Rs. 550 crore to the Congress government of Haryana for the construction of Munak Canal (Rs. 350 crore as original cost, Rs. 160 as additional demand from Haryana Govt. and Rs. 50 crore as goodwill gesture by the Delhi Jal Board to the Haryana Govt.). Will the Congress government explain that why Delhi spent so much of money if it was not receive even a single drop of water from the Munak Canal? 

In 2012, the CBI unearthed a multi-crore Anti-biotic Shots scam in the Delhi government will the Congress government explain how did it carry out the scam? 
The Delhi government had announced a target of benefiting 5,74,428 persons under the Annashree Scheme, but as the information came out in May, 2013 the number of beneficiaries under the scheme was only 7,220. Will the Congress government explain that if the Annashree scheme has benefited only 7,220 persons, why the government is claiming to have benefited 62,500 persons? 

When the Bus Cluster Scheme was launched in 2011, the Delhi government had said that 11,000 buses would be pressed into service out of which 60% would be under the Private Bus Cluster Scheme and rest under the DTC. But, suddenly in 2012, the Transport Minister changed the DTC-Private bus cluster ratio to 60-40. Will the Congress government explain why was this done and also, that while it was promised to deploy 1000 such buses by December 2012, why only 500 buses have been deployed till now? 

According to the Delhi government, Rs. 3,000 are spent on the repair of roads in the city, despite the roads are dotted with ditches. In the run up to the Commonwealth Games, several roads were built with a guarantee of 5 years, but they gave way in merely 2-3 years. The Congress government gave new contracts to the same contractors instead of blacklisting them. Will it explain why? 

The Delhi Chief Minister had promised in 2007 to build a 750-bed super specialty hospital in Dwarka. Will the Congress government explain as to why Asia’s largest sub-city with a population of over 5 lakh does not have a government hospital even 6 years after the promise made to the residents by the Chief Minister? 

22 JJ Clusters and slums were uprooted and people living there displaced for the construction of Commonwealth Games Village. Out of all the displaced families, only 20% have been rehabilitated and that too with almost no basic civic amenities in Bawana. Will the Congress government explain where are the homes of rest 80% of the displaced families? 

The Congress government of Delhi makes tall claims about power supply in Delhi, but an Assocham report said that between May and July industrial output had to be cut down by 25-45% due to frequent power cuts in several industrial areas of Delhi. Will the Congress government explain how did such a situation arise? 

In 2008, the Congress government of Delhi had promised to provide 60,000 houses to the poor under Rajiv Ratna Awas Yojana. But, will the Congress government explain as to why only about 15,000 houses have been built and why not even a single house has been allotted to the targeted beneficiaries?

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