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Vijay Goel lambasts union Food Minister, Congress CM and Ministers for unabated misuse of official machinery

The  Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party President Shri Vijay Goel today  lambasted the Congress led UPA government for mooting a proposal to rename the existing Targeted Public Distribution System as Indiraamma Anna Yojana Shri Goel said this is a blatant attempt by Congress to get political mileage from national resources and the BJP will oppose any such move. The BJP will not allow Congress to hijack the national resources for petty political gains.
The Union food minister K.V. Thomas have recently said on record that there is a proposal to rename the existing Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) and the government is considering renaming it as Indiramma Anna Yojana.
Shri Goel said, “Right now no new announcements regarding renaming of the scheme after a particular political leader belonging to any political party can be made, yet the Congress leaders are attempting to violate these norms. The Election Commission should take note of this and take strict action against the Union Food Minister for going public with such comments.”
The Union Food Minister’s statement, at a time when election code of conduct is in force, is against the spirit of democratic norms and the Congress seems to desperate to misuse its position by naming a system meant for the poor in one of its own leaders’ name.
Shri Goel said the latest step is not a standalone case. In the last few days the Congress has been blatantly misusing government resources. He expressed concern that the Election Commission is adopting a very lenient approach when it comes to violation of poll guidelines by Congress leaders.”
“We are concerned that the Election Commission seems to be quite soft on poll guidelines violations by Congress. We demand strict  and immediate action  in such instances,” said Shri Goel.
“The BJP had recently pointed out the printing of photographs of CM and Power Minister on thousands of BSES bills. After that the BSES, which has 49% stake of Delhi government, accepted this was violation of poll guidelines yet it has been let off the hook with no action taken against anyone.
The Election Commission should penalize all those who were involved in violation of these norms by BSES. There is no action visible on the ground. The BJP will take up this matter further as it wants strict action against those who are working hand in glove with Congress government for misuse of official machinery, said Shri Goel.
The Delhi BJP President also pointed out that the Chief Minister’s official residence is being used for political press conferences. “We would like to know why no action is being taken by the Election Commission to stop this misuse of official machinery. The BJP demands that the misuse of official residence of CM should be immediately stopped and action should be initiated against CM and her three ministers who are holding regular press conferences there.”

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