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Most vegetables out of reach of common people as insensitive Congress government suffers from Policy paralysis : Goel

The Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today  lambasted the Congress government for lack of resolve in controlling the spiraling prices  of essential commodities especially vegetables. 
Shri Goel said, “The skyrocketing prices of potatoes, tomatoes and onions are all approaching Rs 100 Kg each. They are even costlier that petrol or diesel now.   With the food inflation already hovering at 18% to 19%, and now the prices of vegetables shooting up, the common people are founding this burden unbearable now.”
The prices of vegetables continue to shoot up and they have gone beyond the reach of middle and low income groups.  But the Congress government seems to be sleeping on this issue. The statements by various Congress ministers are turning out to be hollow promises. For many months now, the Congress government has been assuring Delhi residents that the prices will be brought under control soon but the ground realties speak otherwise.
“What we are witnessing today is complete policy paralysis at all levels. Add to that the insensitivity of Congress Chief Minister and ministers and other leaders. The result is that common people are suffering immensely.”
In  context of the inflation issue, Shri Goel  raised following five questions today seeking anwer from Congress government
1.       Why Congress government is  not stopping export of onions?
2.       Why the  Delhi government did not respond to NAFED’s repeated requests of arranging supply of onions for Delhi through  imports well in advance?
3.        Why  the food and civil supplies minister Haroon Yusuf is not being sacked for complete failure to control prices and ensure enough supplies?
4.       What action has been initiated against those government officials who are  responsible for monitoring prices and doing crisis management on price front  ?
5.       Why such poor quality onion which is not fit for human consumption is often provided through government run outlets?

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