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BJP believes in Corruption-free development, Congress believes in development free corruption

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party President Shri Vijay Goel today lambasted the Congress government for not fulfilling its promises mande in the party’s manifestos in the past.
Addressing a press conference today, Shri Goel enlisted such promises made by Congress in its manifesto which were never fulfilled-
1.  Full Statehood: In 2003, Congress talked about getting full statehood for Delhi. For the last nine and a half years Congress is in power in both Delhi and at Centre. But no step has been taken to grant full statehood for Delhi.
2.  Lal Dora: In 2003 and 2008 manifestos, Congress promised extension of Lal Dora but this promise is yet to be fulfilled.
3.  Housing:  In 2003 Manifesto Congress said, “A development board for lower middle class government employees and industrial workers shall be constituted with sufficient funds at it disposal. A comprehensive project for providing built up houses……..shall be available to this section of the society. We shall Endeavour to enhance their dignity, prestige and social status. Similarly in rehabilitation in JJ cluster Congress promise a fresh look to rehabilitation of people living in JJ cluster.  In 2008 Manifesto, Congress further said that around 10 lac dwelling units are being constructed to relocate slum dwellers/urban poor under Rajiv Rattan Yojna.… 10000 houses ready for allotment.   All these promises remain unfulfilled.
4. Residential Colony for journalists:  In 2003 Manifesto, Congress promised Residential colony for journalists with soft loan and convenient installments. Current status is nothing has been done at all.
5.  Hospital:  In 2003 Congress said in its Manifesto that Construction of 650- bedded Rajiv Gandhi super speciality hospital at Tahirpur has started and is likely to be completed by December, 2004 with OPD services already started. Current status in 2013 is while only l OPD is still operational and the hospital is not fully functional yet.
6.  Power:  In 2003 & 2008 Congress promised to make Delhi a self reliant state in terms of power generation.  Reality is that Delhi has to purchase power from other states.
7.  Job opportunities:  In 2003, page no. 8 on Job opportunities for youth – it read as “Youth in Delhi shall have widespread opportunities to ensure their future, with an added feeling of social security. Recently they have released a document in which they have stated the unemployment is down from 5.76 to 1.74 lac in Delhi.  But actual figure is, there are 10.74 lac registered unemployed in Delhi. In ten years govt has given employment to only 11,242 people.
Shri Goel said, “There are host of promises which Congress makes on election eve and never fulfils. The people of Delhi want an answer as to why these promises are not being fulfilled.”
The BJP has a track record of fulfilling its promises in BJP ruled states. After coming to power in Delhi, the party will implement the development model which is based on long term vision and meticulous planning. “We believe in corruption free development while Congress believes in making development free corruption,” he added.

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