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Delhi villages lagged behind in development : Goel

 Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today slammed the Congress government for neglecting the development of villages of Delhi during its 15-year long misrule.  He said that lakhs of people living in rural Delhi have been pushed to the margins of development in the absence of attention of the government. Delhi villages have lagged behind in development during last 15 years.
The Delhi BJP today also launched its 3-D video Rath for election campaigning. The Rath was launched at Delhi BJP headquarters at Pant Marg by Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel, Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra and BJP's Chief Ministerial candidate for Delhi Dr. Harsh Vardhan.
Shri Goel said, “The villages of Delhi are still being governed by laws made more than a hundred years ago. The Congress government has done nothing except paying customary lip service to benefit the people living in Delhi villages. The people are still struggling in these villages for civic amenities like schools, hospitals, railway reservation counters, water and power supply, road transport and even toilets.”
“Population of villages has increased manifold in recent years. More than one-sixth of the total population of Delhi lives in the villages, but the Lal Dora areas have not been expanded by the Congress government despite promises made by it several times. The Congress’ policies have converted these villages into slums,” Shri Goel said.
Shri Goel further said, “The Congress government has not even implemented the promised land reforms. Farmers don’t get good compensation for the land acquired by the DDA, which has made huge profits from those lands. Both the Congress government of Delhi and the UPA government of the Centre are hand in glove in exploiting the poor farmers of Delhi villages.”
Shri Goel promised all round development of the Delhi villages and requisite changes in legislation to bring these villages and lakhs of people living there on the path of progress.
Shri Goel said, “When elected to power after the assembly elections, the BJP make ensure all round progress of the villages of Delhi. We will extend the Lal Dora areas to properly accommodate the growing population of the villages. Sections 33 and 81 of the land reforms act will be repealed or amended so that farmers can get proper compensation and people can sell or purchase property easily in these areas.”
In the last 15 years of Congress’ misrule, the villages of Delhi and lakhs of people living there have been pushed backwards. The Congress government has not attended to the problems faced by people there. Basic facilities such as sewage system, roads, schools, hospitals, bus transport and the like are abysmally poor.
Lal Dora areas were demarcated in 1908 and have not been expanded till now despite the Congress government promised to do so before every election. Section 81 of the land reforms act is obsolete as it states that if a land is used for purposes other than agriculture and related functions, the land owner will lose the land. Similarly, section 33 stipulates that any piece of land of size less than 8 acres cannot be sold or purchased. The BJP has been voicing for doing away with these provisions to make people’s life in Delhi villages easier.

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