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Goel to launch ‘Badlo Dilli’ Padyatra to expose Congress’ anti-poor policies

Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel will tomorrow hit the street with an extensive 'Badlo Dilli' Padyatra all over Delhi to expose the Congress' anti-poor policies and share positive agenda of the BJP for the poor and marginalized sections of society. Shri Goel will launch his Padyatra from Lalbagh near Vijay Cinema in the Model Town constituency.
Addressing a press conference, Shri Goel said, “The purpose of the 'Badlo Dilli' Padyatra is to bring back the poor and marginalized sections of society into focus. The Congress has neglected the poor and marginalized sections during its 15-year misrule. The Congress government has further pushed them towards the fringes of development.”
Shri Goel said, “The anti-poor policies of the Congress government will be exposed during the 'Badlo Dilli' Padyatra, which will be undertaken in large number of assembly segments. We will also share the BJP’s vision for the uplift of the poor and marginalized sections of society.”
Shri Goel further said, “The food security scheme launched by the Congress government is a non-starter and fell apart within a few weeks of its launch. The government has destroyed the Public Distribution System. When voted to power, the BJP will revamp the PDS in Delhi on the Chhattisgarh Model, which has been hailed worldwide for its efficiency and success.”
The Congress government had claimed that the food security scheme, which was launched with much hype and hoopla, would provide cheap foodgrains to about 74 lakh people of Delhi. The poor are not getting the foodgrains as large majority of the poor have not even got the requisite food card.
“The resettlement of the poor has been overlooked by the Congress government all these years. The BJP will provide affordable housing to the poor under its slogan, ‘Jahan Jhuggi, Wahin Makan’. The poor will not be displaced rather the BJP will provide all the basic civic amenities to people living in JJ Clusters and slums in Delhi,” Shri Goel said.
The Congress has befooled the poor with false promises of providing housing to the poor. But, despite the promise of providing 60,000 houses, the Congress government constructed just about 15,000 houses under Rajiv Ratna Yojana. Worse still, it has not allotted even a single house to the targetted beneficiaries.
The CAG report (FY 2011-12) on the Delhi Government’s target to construct 4 lakh low-cost housing units under Basic Services to the Urban Poor (BSUP) programme says that only 85 dwelling units were allotted to the beneficiaries. This reflects the anti-poor stance of the Congress government.

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