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BJP assures special welfare measures for Delhi Police with fixed working hours and better housing especially for junior cops: Vijay Goel

Underlining the poor working conditions for especially the junior level cops in Delhi, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today assured that that as a part of police reforms the BJP government in Delhi will implement special welfare measures for police personnel. He said it is unfortunate that the police personnel’s working conditions in Delhi have been grossly neglected by the Congress government during the last 15 years.
Shri Goel said, “Duty hours of police personnel will be fixed except under extraordinary circumstances to ensure better efficiency. The housing facility will be provided to police personnel right from the Constabulary level. Ration Money, that was approved and implemented in 2003 under NDA rule, will be revived.”
“When BJP is voted to power, existing vacancies in Delhi Police will be filled and additional recruitment will be made so that security of the city is not compromised with. Adequate number of women police personnel will be employed and deployed. The Congress government has ignored the pressing need for increased participation of women police personnel in Delhi in the wake of sharp spurt in crimes against women in the city,” Shri Vijay Goel said. 
Shri Goel further said, “There have been reports of police personnel working under tremendous stress leading to several health problems among them. When voted to power, the BJP will set up mechanism for targeted counseling of the police personnel. Time bound promotion of police staff will be ensured and salary related discrepancies will be addressed.”
The Delhi Police are understaffed by some 4,000 personnel. Further, according to the Bureau of Police Research and Development, there is an urgent need for creation of 16,486 posts to increase the workforce in different ranks in the Delhi Police.  
According to a medical survey conducted last year, bulk of policemen in Delhi suffer from serious health issues, ranging from cardiac problems, alcoholism, insomnia, giddiness, hypertension to depression.
Shri Goel said that these issues will be adequately addressed by the BJP government after the elections. Infrastructure of police stations in Delhi will be improved. He said that though there are lots of challenges before the Delhi Police, appropriate measures and policies if taken earnestly will provide the right environment for police personnel as well as people in the city.

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