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Delhi BJP President, treasured attacked during election campaigning in model town

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today condemned an attack in Model town on its party president Shri Vijay Goel  and BJP candidate from the same constituency Sh. Ashok Goel who is also the Delhi BJP’s treasurer.
The BJP has already informed the Election Commission about the sensitivity of certain polling booths in this constituency and despite that this attack happened, said Sh. Vijay Goel.
“This kind of violence is condemnable and it will not deter BJP in any way,” added Sh. Vijay Goel.
In addition to  a complaint filed to the Election Commission regarding the attack, the party has also demanded that an FIR should be immediately registered. In the complaint filed with the Election Commission Sh. Ashok Goel has informed that the attack took place this afternoon between 11:30 to 12: 30 pm.
The attack took place at Gur Mandi, Rajpura. When Sh. Vijay Goel and Sh. Ashok Goel went to campaign there, then one Dinesh Kumar and Kehar Singh along with some other persons abused, threatened and then physically attacked with hockey sticks, iron rods and sticks.
They also damaged the two vehicles on which Sh.  Vijay Goel and Sh. Ashok Goel had come to this area. The miscreants also attacked the driver of one of these vehicles named S. Vinod Kumar who was injured.
Sh. Ashok Goel said in his complaint that these miscreants should be immediately removed from the area and appropriate action should be taken against the culprits to ensure free and fair polls.

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