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BJP confident of winning Delhi assembly polls : Vijay Goel

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Shri Vijay Goel today  said that the BJP is confident of winning the Delhi assembly polls. “We are way ahead of our rivals and people of Delhi have given their verdict for change,” said Shri Goel.
“What happened today was a vote for change. People were fed of the Congress government and BJP projected itself as a viable alternative.  The BJP’s positive agenda helped it to expand its base among all sections of society which was visible today,” he added.
The Congress resorted to unfair means of distributing liquor, cash and gifts in its attempt to influence the voters but of no avail. “Though I myself was attacked in the last leg of polls by the Congress goons but all BJP leaders and cadres carried out the party campaign relentlessly, fearlessly and with complete dedication and commitment. This has resulted in creating a wave of change in the city.
“The successful campaign run by the party focussed on key issues of inflation, corruption, lack of safety for women and lack of development for the poor as well as migovernance. The Delhi BJP cadres were successful in taking this issued to the people of Delhi and convince them to cast their vote for change,” said Shri Goel.
Shri Goel congratulated Delhi’ites for casting their vote. Large number of people came out to cast their vote especially the youth and the women. This is a clear indication of a vibrant democracy.
Shri Goel said thousands of government personnel who facilitated the smooth election process in the city should also be congratulated. They performed their duty diligently and helped people to cast their vote.

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