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Delhi BJP to work with new vigour at organisational level

The Delhi Bharatiya President Shri Vijay Goel today said that the party will work with a new vigour at the organisational level and. Addressing a meeting of Delhi BJP office bearers and leaders of the party, he  urged them to be ready  to face any kind of political situation including repolls for Delhi Assembly.
Thanking the party leaders and cadres for the relentless efforts during Delhi Assembly polls, Shri Goel said that though the BJP has emerged as the single largest party but if it is not able to form the government in a democratic manner then the party stands ready to face the elections again to get an overwhelming mandate for the party.
Shri Goel said, “BJP is a cadre based party and its dedicated and committed cadres are its core strength which has been proven by the fact that the party emerged as the first choice of Delhi’tes. We will work to strengthen our party base further in unauthorised colonies and rural areas which has voted overwhelmingly for BJP.”
Shri Goel further said that it has been proven once again that Congress and AAP are hand in glove as Congress has clearly indicated that it is ready to support an AAP government in Delhi. With Congress support AAP can form a government as it will have the required numbers so why it is shirking its responsibility?
It is clear that AAP will not be able to fulfil its promises and hence it will get exposed. That is why it is trying to take a false moral ground.
Shri Goel said that AAP leaders have a consistent negative agenda. If AAP really wants to strengthen the democratic process then it should come out with a positive agenda.
The BJP’s emphasis has always been on the positive agenda and that is why it has emerged as the first choice of the people. The party will continue to pursue this positive agenda, he added.

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