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BJP to intensify membership drive, participate in registration of new voters : Vijay Goel

The Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today announced setting up of task force to monitor the implementation of various steps that need to be taken in Delhi by authorities concerned for the safety of the women. The task force will be headed by Delhi BJP general secretary Smt. Shikha Rai.
Expressing concern over lack of implementation of various steps that were promised to be taken in Delhi in wake of Nirbhaya case, Shri Goel said, “It has been one year since the brutal rape happened and unfortunately  nothing much seems to be happening at the ground level when it comes to implementation of measures required to provide safety for women in the city.”
“There have been no allocations from the Rs. 1000 crore Nirbhaya Fund set up by the UPA government and the number of women personnel in Delhi Police stands at mere 7 per cent. It should be atleast 33% of the police force. There are still several parts of the city which do not have proper lighting provisions and hence they are the danger zones for the women. All DTC buses and auto-rickshaws were to be fitted with GPS but it has not been done. ”
The task force set up the BJP will pursue all these matters with the authorities concerned and build public opinion to put pressure on authorities for speedy implementation of measures required to make city safe for women, said Shri Goel.  He emphasised that there is need to build awareness in the society to respect the women and this could be done by laying greater emphasis on building strong character right from the early days through a better education system.
“Safety and dignity of women are key to any society’s progress and such issues are above any political consideration.  All stakeholders must come together and work towards making our city a safe and dignified place for women. As a responsible and sensitive political party, BJP is giving this issue top priority,” he added.
Core group meeting
Shri Goel also informed that in the BJP’s crore group meeting held yesterday, the party has decided to intensify its membership drive in days to come. The BJP workers will also actively participate in the process of registration of new voters.
“Our target is to expand our base and reach every home through door to door contact programme and communicate our policies, programmes and future vision for Delhi. The party cadres are fully geared up and we would be mobilising them at the grassroots level over the next few weeks,” said Shri Goel.
He further added, “If Aam Aadmi party does not form the government now, the only reason would be that it is scared of getting exposed as it is unsure of fulfilling the promises made by it to people. Otherwise after getting unconditional support from Congress, it has the numbers and there can be no other reason for not forming the government.”

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