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Rivals cooking up charges to obstruct BJP’s victory march, Party will not be deterred: Vijay Goel

In a statement issued today after the meeting of  state BJP office bearers and senior leaders of the party, the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party said that the clean  chit to Sh. Narendra Modi  by a Gujarat Court rejecting attempts to falsely implicate him is a befitting reply to all the detractors of BJP and  Sh. Modi. 
“Justice has been done and truth has prevailed. Certain vested interests who feel increasingly threatened by the growing popularity of BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate Sh. Narendra Modi have got a befitting reply through this court decision,” said Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel.
“The decision of court was discussed in this meeting today and the party leaders were unanimous that attempts to tarnish image of Sh. Modi have been once again nullified.  Our critics have been cooking up various theories to obstruct the party’s victory march towards Lok Sabha 2014 polls but they are getting exposed time and again,” said Sh. Goel.
Sh. Goel said that the way BJP has been able to bring “development” as a key poll issue for the coming Lok Sabha polls has unnerved party’s rivals. That is why they are trying to rake up issues which are not related to the development. People have seen the level of development in BJP ruled states and hence has voted party as the first choice in four out of five states where assembly polls were held recently.
The party will continue to pursue the agenda for development with BJP’s PM candidate Sh. Narendra Modi leading from the front. It will not be deterred by attempts to target its leaders through baseless and cooked-up charges and malicious campaigns.

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