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Officers humiliated, arbitrary decisions have halted work in administration: Vijay Goel

With confusion prevailing over the power and water bills and massive power cuts The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today slammed the AAP government for creating a crisis of governance in Delhi affecting common people. 
"The BJP will soon launch a 'Bijli Andolan' if corrective measures are not taken immediately," said Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel.
"The AAP government has failed to bring any clarity on issue of power. There is no step to repair the metres which are running fast. The CM has shifted the onus of responsibility for power cuts on the power companies as Delhiites suffer from long and unscheduled power cuts. Those consuming above 400 units per month will continue to pay high tariff. Taxpayers money is being given to power companies in the name of tariff," added Sh. Goel.
"The CM and his ministerial colleagues are busy in making populist statements and the administration has come to a halt. There is complete confusion and chaos in every sphere of governance. Instead of utilizing skills of officials they are being subjected to humiliation and arbitrary orders. This has led to a grave crisis of governance," he added.
The BJP will launch a ‘door-to-door' campaign if power tariff is not rationalized for all sets of consumers. Also all the power metres should be corrected immediately. The power companies should be penalized for power cuts," said Sh. Goel.
The AAP Government should focus on administration and not on political gimmickry. People of Delhi have been handed over a raw deal by the AAP-Cong alliance Government so far. The BJP will not tolerate this and continue to expose the unholy alliance between AAP and Congress.

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