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Bharati’s presence is grave danger to rule of law in Delhi, exposes AAP’s immoral, dishonest politics: Vijay Goel

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today slammed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for shamelessly defending his law minter and challenging the order of a special CBI court which indicted Bharati for tampering with evidence in a case of corruption. 
“This shameless defence of Bharati by Arvind Kejriwal is shocking. We want Bharati to be immediately removed. He is not fit to be the minister. A person who has been indicted for impropriety and adopting completely unfair and illegal means in a case of corruption by the court itself cannot be allowed to be minister,” said Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel.
“How can a Chief Minister exonerate a minister when he has been indicted by the court. Does Shri Kejriwal want to send a message that his party leaders are above law?  If he does not agree with the court verdict, he should go to the court. But the argument given so far in defence of Bharati is unacceptable,” he added.
The BJP will not relent till Bharati is removed from the post. His presence poses a grave danger to the rule of law in Delhi. A man who has been indicted by the court in such a serious offence is unfit to honour the oath that he took as minister. Earlier he tried to interfere in judiciary by seeking meeting of the district judges. He also misbehaved with his law secretary. However, all this has been ignored by AAP so far which shows their true colours.
Shri Goel said, “One should not be surprised by the shameless defence of a corrupt minister by Arvind Kejriwal as he is an expert in taking U-turn and defending the corrupt in the name of “aam aadmi”. He forged an alliance with Congress whose corruption was a key issue in assembly polls. He has not filed even a single complaint against any of the Congress leaders so far.”
In fact most of the AAP leaders have mastered the art of doublespeak. They have taken houses, SUVs with VIP numbers and have said that they do not have proof of corruption against Congress. This clearly shows that now in Delhi, it is Congress which is ruling Delhi through backdoor. And AAP has betrayed Delhiites by hobnobbing with them even after Delhi had rejected the misrule of Congress.

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